Bobbi with Pooch's Image

Hello!!! :)

Few weeks after Bobbi got his very last puppy vaccination, he started his very first grooming session with Pooch's Image!

Starting off with a photo of Bobbi asking for help with those puppy eyes hahahaha
"Help me please???"

And he looks very very different when his fur is not puffy xD

Bobbi was like a crazy dog fidgeting A LOT, Melvin from Pooch's Image really handled him well and I can tell it was very tiring!!!
Every time I shower Bobbi at home I just want to cry 'cause it's so much work!!!
Groomers really have great stamina and patience hahaha.

Getting his puppy fur trimmed a little!

Taadaa! My handsome boy! He was 3 months turning 4 at that time, already growing so big!!!

One month back~~~ ^_^

Just a few days back, Bobbi headed down to Pooch's image to get groomed again!

Since it was a weekday and I can't send Bobbi down myself 'cause transporting around with Bobbi is really tough (public transport unavailable for dogs, taxi drivers don't really like having dogs on their car), Pooch's image provides transport services and came down to my house to bring Bobbi over for grooming!!! Super thankful 'cause they really took care of everything!

An unrecognisable photo of Bobbi over at grooming hahahaha!!!!

And this is the handsome boy back home after grooming~
Must have been pampered a lot!

Bobbi has this proud "you human are my peasants" face going on here LOL.

Thank you Pooch's Image for taking care of Bobbi!!!
I've only been to their Queen's Road outlet 'cause it's nearer to my place but they have their main outlet (a lot bigger and prettier I saw the pictures online they are vintage themed!) over at Upper East Coast Road (Siglap)!

Can't wait to make a visit there with Bobbi once we can make time for that.
Took this off their FB page ~

Pooch's Image

119 Upper East Coast Road #01-01 
Tel: 63444044

Blk 3 Queen's Road #02-141 (Inside Paradise Pet Shop Premises)
Tel: 62554044

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