5 things a tourist can do around Gangnam


I've been away for a bit from my last Korea posting. I was thinking it's getting a little bit overwhelming if I post everyday about my one month vacation in Korea so.....a little break will do good!

Anyway, now I'm back! :D

As I've mentioned previously, I've moved to Gangnam area on the second week. The first week in Hongdae was awesome, lots of cheap and affordable shopping and street food.
After moving to Gangnam, I realised it's quite a different area as compared to Hongdae.

It feels like a 'high life' haha, with high fashion (no joke the people on the streets are extremely well dressed which influenced me to make sure I dress well every time I set my foot on the streets), good food and fancy restaurants.

I'm happy I stayed around these two areas 'cause personally, my experience at the two areas are extremely different - in a good way!

Anyway, here's a post on things a tourist can do around Gangnam!!!
I'm surprised I've done quite a bit of things around there while looking through the pictures I've taken hahaha.

1) Cafe and restaurant hopping

The cafes and restaurants around Gangnam is on a different level.


One of my favourites is Take Urban Cafe, located right next to the Shinnonhyeon station Exit 3!
I spent almost the entire day just sitting there, chilling with a cup of Iced Americano.

Hipster thing to try Iced Americano in all of the cafes I've been to in Seoul hahaha.

You must be thinking why this cafe looks so familiar?

It's featured on Running Man, it's like a hot place where the Monday Couple went hahaha.

The place itself looks really photogenic haha I took so many selfies in this cafe.

The Iced Americano is definitely the best I've tried, as a non-coffee drinker.
(Caffeine makes my heart beat really fast so I rarely drink them.) 

Another cafe I really like and was a crazy convenient cafe for me since I was staying at Big John's Place (I'll tell you more about this guesthouse later this post).

Director's Cafe!

It's located right next to Big John's Place, and we get discount from this cafe if we're staying in Big John's Place (YAY).
The cafe's interior is AMAZING.

There's also this triangle tent right outside this cafe with a heater inside. I was so fascinated by that so I told my friend I needed to take a look inside this cafe at least once. xD

On top of these cafes, within Gangnam itself, there is this huge place with ALL restaurant. It's almost everywhere around Gangnam itself so it's difficult for me to point out where, if you're a food enthusiast, you need to visit Gangnam at least once for the restaurants!

2) Check out the K-Star Road

The very popular K-Star area is located around Apgujeong-dong, which is just a few stations away from Gangnam!

You can check out my vlog which I've featured my trip to K-Star road where we can find most of the K-pop Entertainments.

I went to FNC Entertainment and SM Entertainment!

The guards at SM are quite strict so if you want a picture near this logo, make sure you don't stand on the steps 'cause they WILL chase you away LOL. (ahem personal experience)

Anyway, I was told that Apgujeong-dong was really popular but now it has died down a little (which explains why it was nearly empty when I was there), but if you really want to bump into a Kpop Star, I think it's one of the best places to mingle around. xD

I really like FNC Entertainment though!!! :D

Side note, if you're going to SM Entertainment, they have a beautiful park right in front and I took so many Instagram-able shots there!

3) Visit COEX Mall

COEX Mall is located at Samseong Station, which is just 2 train stops away from Gangnam.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to go COEX is because....


I was literally screaming when I saw this.


COEX Mall is huge and has quite a lot of branded stores around so if you're looking for those, you have to head down to COEX!

One of the fanciest thing I saw at COEX was the long slide at their cinema!!!
You can check it out on my vlog @ 07:43! (The slide is free btw!)

4) Chilling in Garosugil 

Okay, hands down the current most IN place in Seoul I guess.
I was told by Jay, one of the awesome people at Big John's Place, that I MUST visit this place if I'm into fashion.

And so I did!

The street itself has tons and tons of fashion brands. If you're not there to buy something, it's always nice to window shop or get some inspiration for your outfit the next day, or even just people-watch!!!

I have to say I was there to people-watch 'cause first of all, everyone was SUPER well dressed, next, the guys there are darn good looking HAHAHAHAHA.

The exterior of the shops looking crazy.

Advertisements done right.

There's also a HUGE LINE shop/cafe!

I want to go to Garosugil...AGAIN!!!!

5) Stay in Big John's Place

I know this isn't really considered a 'place to visit' but if you want to stay around Gangnam and visit all the places around, I think Big John's Place is definitely the most convenient Guesthouse to stay in.

They provided this accommodation for me but I AM NOT PAID TO SAY THIS, I am definitely NOT OBLIGED to say this but...

It's really an amazing Guesthouse!

First of all, it's located in between Gangnam Station and Shinnonhyeon Station, if you take a look at the Subway Map, it's extremely convenient to travel around 'cause I'll have two different subway lines to take to anywhere I want, which means I don't have to keep transferring, if you know what I'm saying. ;D

The service at Big John's Place is the BOMB.

There's this once I wanted to have our room cleaned so they did!
Clean linens, clean floor, left a sweet note...

And they even folded our clothes which we left around 'cause we were rushing out haha.

Talk about going the extra mile!

Big John's Place is really comfortable to be at, everything is ready for us, it feels like we're at home.

Anyway, quite a lot of people have been asking how you can order food in Seoul 'cause ordering Jajjangmyun and Jjambong or Chicken with Beer to our place is just.... REALLY IMPORTANT!!! xD
If you're staying in a Guesthouse like Big John's Place, you can just let them know what you want and they will order your meal for you!!! :)

I was staying on the second level!
Btw, they do have one toilet at each level, so I don't have to keep going downstairs if I need the loo kekekeke.

The living room where we can sit around, chill, play some games or watch the tv...

They provided us with food as well, like cereals, instant noodles...

And their adorable dogs, Kkum and Kong! The one in the picture is Kkum! :D

There's a swing outdoor, as well as a jacuzzi (but it was way too cold when I was there so I never tried the jacuzzi xD)!

Big John was super nice for having us, and even ended my trip there with an awesome BBQ party! :D

The ambience there is great, and I will love to visit Big John's Place again if I have the chance to!

Giving this a big thumbs up so if you're looking for an accommodation in Seoul or particularly Gangnam/Shinnonhyeon, this is really the best place for you! :)

That's all for this post, I hope you like it~

If you want to know more on what you can do in Seoul, you can check out this series on my YouTube Channel, TAKE ME TO KOREA!


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