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I'm a fan of face spray because Singapore is a super humid country!

Especially when I have makeup on, I love using face spray to keep my makeup hydrated, while at the same time, keep my face cool and refreshed. :)

One of the brands of face spray that I've been using is from Bio-essence, Miracle Bio Water!
I was elated to be invited to their event the other day, featuring this star product.


Some of the nicely decorated Miracle Bio Water at the event!

This is their biggest bottle, 300ml.

This is the new look of of the Miracle Bio Water~
On top of the new look, it has a new FINER spray! Look at the fine mist!

Before I start raving more about Miracle Bio Water, you need to know the benefits of this product and how versatile it is (you can use it almost everywhere, anywhere, anytime)!

First of all, Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. YAY for people with sensitive skin!

Miracle Bio Water has the LOWEST SALT CONTENT compared to other brands, providing MAXIMUM HYDRATION. :D (Salt, found in natural minerals actually absorbs moisture from your skin!)

As I've mentioned, Miracle Bio Water can be used almost everywhere, anywhere and anytime!

It can be used on your FACE, BODY and HAIR, at any occasions like after work-out, when you have makeup on, at work, in school... and many more!
It's suitable at any occasions and can be used on a daily basis. :)

I usually use this on my face when I'm out to cool my skin down, especially when the weather is a killer.
I love the refreshing feeling - definitely helps to destress and give yourselves a 'perk-me-up'!

How to use - Just hold up the bottle not less than 20cm away from your face and spray! :)

At the event, we got to test out Miracle Bio Water on how it can reduce our temperature and increase our moisture level!

On the moisture device...

The moisture level increased so much in one spray!!! :O
All the girls at the event were so surprised haha.

We used an infrared thermometer to check whether Miracle Bio Water helps to cool our skin down as well!

Here are the results!

We did an oil blotter test to see how Miracle Bio Water helps to control oil!
A bit gross but you can see how much oil is gone after a spray. xD

Anyway, Bio-essence has a whole new range of products under Miracle Bio Water!!!:O

If sensitive skin is your main concern, this range is perfect for you.

We got to design our very own Miracle Bio Water at the event! :D

My end result...

You can vote for my MASTERPIECE (haha) at Bio Essence's Facebook Page~ :)


Miracle Bio Water comes in different sizes, 100ml and 300ml!

I have the 300ml one stored at home, on my desk, for me to use anytime I want, and the 100ml one for me to bring anywhere out! ^_^
The 100ml is perfect to bring up to the plane as well. I've brought it up to the plane before as my skin gets really dry on the plane! It really works to keep my skin hydrated throughout the journey!

If you're interested in trying out this product, you can grab a cute travel sized sample HERE!

Retail price:
100ml - $12.90
300ml - $28.90
100ml Twin Pack - $16.90
300ml - $29.90 (Promotion!!! Omg, just $1 more to get another bottle!)

Available in Watsons, Guardian, Unity, NTUC Fairprice, Departmental Stores (CK, OG, John Little etc..)~

Click HERE to redeem Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water 30ml sample~

Visit Bio-essence's Facebook page HERE too! ^_^

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hi, Speishi!! What camera do you use if you don't mind? =] I love your blog and you are so pretty!!!