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If you ask me what's the most important skincare product, I will have to say...


The sun is your skin's WORST enemy due to UV Rays.

For starters, there are two types of UV Rays - UVA Rays and UVB Rays.
Each type of UV Ray does horrible things to your skin.

UVA Rays are absorbed into the Dermis skin layer, causing premature ageing and wrinkles!
UVB Rays are absorbed into the Epidermis skin layer (above Dermis), which are the main cause to burning!

Of course, there are more consequences to not using sunscreen to protect our skin, such as increase in sebum level, more obvious hyper-pigmentations, uneven skin tone and even dryness.

What I realised is that almost EVERY skin problem can be caused by the sun, including premature ageing and wrinkles, which is why sunscreen is extremely important in a skincare routine.

Surveys shown that more than 65% of women in Singapore do not use Sunscreen on a daily basis, even if they know the damage caused by UV rays!

Using Sunscreen can be quite a hassle sometimes and one of the biggest factors is that most Sunscreens will usually leave our skin with this sticky after-feel, or some of them are SO OILY it feels a little grotesque to have a pile of oil on our face and body.

Biore came up with this Sunscreen to tackle this huge problem - Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel!

This Sunscreen is loaded with SPF50+ which blocks up to 98% of UVB Rays that causes sun burns!

With PA++++, it helps to block UVA Rays that cause premature ageing and wrinkles.
PA++++ is the current highest level of protection in this industry!

My favourite thing about Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel is, just like the name, IT'S A WATERY GEL!

After applying, it turns into a texture like WATER in an instant and gets absorbed into your skin right away - just like how water will!

I applied more so that you can see the water droplets!

Look at how light it is!

As it's a Watery Gel, it has a cooling effect on our skin as well!
Singapore is a humid country and we need something which helps to soothe our skin!
Personally, I like to use this on my hands and legs since it cools down my body temperature. ^_^

It gets absorbed really quickly, leaving no signs of white cast!
This is perfect as a makeup base as we can start applying makeup immediately after application of Sunscreen!

Of course, it is non-sticky due to the watery texture.

I've done an oil-blotting test to check if it's oily after application.
As you can see from the picture above, there are almost no oil at all! :D

Since it absorbs really quickly leaving no white cast and does not feel oily or sticky at all, I like to bring it out with me so I can reapply on my skin later in the day! ^_^

Even after application, my skin feels refreshed and non-sticky! :D

The retail price is $18.90 and you can get it at all pharmacies, hyper & super market, beauty stores, departmental stores and selected minimarts. :)

You can try this out first by redeeming a free sample on their page HERE!

Thanks for reading and ALL HAIL TO PRETTIER SKIN!~


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