Living with Bobbi

Hello all!

As I've received quite a number of emails and DM asking about Bobbi, I decided to blog about some updates of living with Bobbi~~

I haven't been happier staying at home!!!
Bobbi is definitely a huge source of support when I'm feeling down, and I always look forward to going home 'cause he will run to the door to fetch me whenever I reach home, I feel so welcomed haha.

There are sooooo much joy with Bobbi around and I know some of you have been following Bobbi on his Instagram (@sbobbi_) and have been enjoying the snippets of Bobbi acting all adorable and obedient all the time hahaha. BUT!!! There are just so many more of Bobbi that you haven't get to see, and most of the time it's not that enjoyable at all.

The reason why I want to touch on this is because I've received some emails from followers showing interest in getting a new puppy, or Japanese Spitz, especially after seeing Bobbi's pictures and videos.
I am definitely not assuming it's because of Bobbi that they want to raise a dog, but if that's the case I feel I need to tell you all that Bobbi's not as adorable as it seems online HAHAHAHAHAHA

Anyway on a more serious note, I have also received an email from a follower asking for advice as she has been facing a lot of difficulties after getting a Japanese Spitz for two days just recently.
So here's my experience of living with Bobbi, with all honesty.

It has been about two months living with Bobbi, and I have to admit I am IN LOVE with him, he's such a joy to my family, and a bond keeping us all together.

However, it was (or is) a hassle taking care of Bobbi.
I am not saying that I haven't thought about all these, like I've mentioned previously, it took me a while before I finally got my hands on a puppy because I was very worried about the effort, time and money that we have to put in to take care of one.
As much as it's within my expectations, my family and I were very stressed out the first week Bobbi came to our home.
Bobbi was 2 months turning 3 when he came.
He was extremely hyperactive, always biting our furniture, always biting us and pouncing around all the time. I know these are supposed to be normal (in fact it's good he's enjoying his time at a new home) so we weren't worried at all, but were just stressed out having to worry that he's eating things he shouldn't, or keep his biting habit when he's older.

I was so stressed out training him to stop biting us 'cause he was teething, I tried so many methods to stop him biting people just in case it grows into a habit when he's older and TO NO AVAIL. We tried chew toys, we tried beating him and locking him up but NOPE, none worked.

On top of that, the first week Bobbi came he whined a lot in the middle of the night and refused to go to bed. I think he was afraid 'cause he was alone in the living room in the cage, plus it's a whole new environment for him to get used to. As much as we understand it's part of the 'getting-used-to' process, it was still a huge headache since some of us have work and school the next day, and it's very heartbreaking to hear him whine at night. We were also quite afraid he wasn't feeling well or is upset being here.

From Bobbi's biting EVERYTHING issue, my mom cleaned up the house and put everything (newspapers, cloths, flower pots, shoes etc.) out of reach from Bobbi. Slowly he has gotten used to not touching certain things now! He's still biting our wooden shoe racks and will try his luck to get some dirty socks from the laundry but I think it's normal for all dogs to try their luck getting some shit they shouldn't LOL so it's not really an issue anymore.

Also, Bobbi stopped whining at night anymore as he grows older, we were told to not play with Bobbi few hours before bed time so he will not be too excited before bed.
Bobbi wakes up really early in the morning to whine at times 'cause he's hungry or if he needs to pee (somehow he doesn't like to pee in the cage and he wants to come out to pee on his pee tray LOL).
OH for the potty-training part Bobbi is pretty smart when it comes to that. At times he will still pee or poop around the house, but most of the time he does it on his pee tray.

Bobbi bites a lot lesser now, most of the time he doesn't bite my mom, my brother and I, and his favourite targets are my sister and my dad LOL. When you agitate him or touch him when he's moody he will bite as well, but definitely a whole lot lesser than before, considering that he is still young we are not that worried about that anymore, hoping he will grow out of it as he grows older.

Also, for training wise, Bobbi managed to pick up handshake, sitting, standing and eating in command. We kept pointing to Bobbi's paws and telling him those are called "hand hand" since he first came so the handshake thing suddenly came overnight when he finally realised that he can get his food once he gives us his hands HAAHAHHAA. Smart dog.

Just yesterday, we brought Bobbi to the vet 'cause he was growing rashes and we were so worried. Still unsure where those rashes came from so we are still examining.

SOOOOO, just wanted to say, it is A LOT of effort taking care of a puppy, as much as it brings a lot of joy and is a great companion.
There are just so many more issues that I haven't get to name, like travelling as a family and having to leave Bobbi here alone. SPEAKING OF WHICH, I bought a plane ticket to travel next year for ONE MONTH and completely forgot about the fact that I will miss Bobbi a whole lot when I'm away T _ T

A puppy requires a lot of attention from you, just like a toddler, and it was a lot easier for us since we have 5 people at home taking care of Bobbi.
If you're looking to raise a puppy, please weigh the pros and cons and put into consideration if the puppy can fit your lifestyle well as there can be a lot of things that you need to give up on, especially time. As a newbie dog owner, those are some of the struggles I've faced and will like to share with you, especially the people who emailed me regarding Bobbi!

Thank you so much for reading and here's my bundle of joy and I ending this post hahahaha.


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  1. interesting, but I'm curious now why you named him bobbi? :D

    1. I have a soft toy named Bobo and my dad just made use of that and randomly came up with Bobbi HAHAHA

    2. oh my! haha thanks for answering me ^^ I hope you would take a pic of bobo and bobbi together some time soon♥

  2. Dogs doesn't like to dirty where they sleep, that's why Bobbi doesn't like to pee/poop inside his cage =)