Happy 21st to me!!!

It's finally my coming-of-age day~ I'm 21 now!

Not exactly sure if it's a happy thing 'cause turning adult just means having to pay MORE bills, dealing with adult things, worry about what to do for the future... IS BEING AN ADULT REALLY = HAVING FREEDOM?! HAHAHA

On a brighter note, I am 21, and the 21st birthday means you have all the excuses to throw a huge birthday bash so why not!!!

It wasn't in my plan to throw a birthday party 'cause firstly, I am too socially awkward and probably don't have that many friends to invite to a huge party hahaha. Also, it's a lot to plan for and I'm most likely going to plan and do everything alone which is a huge bummer so I decided against the idea at first.
BUT my friends around me (most of my friends are older) who didn't get to celebrate their 21st birthday regretted it and told me it's a must to get it done else I'm going to regret it in the future either SO #NORAGRETS I decided to throw one pretty last minute.
AND yes I planned everything myself, and also did some decorations with Rachell few days before the party just in case the decorations were not enough~~~

Anyway, I have a vlog on my channel which will show what happened that day~~ Please watch if you haven't! ^_^ It's one of my favourite vlogs to date!

So here goes, my 21st birthday party themed "Rustic Alice In Wonderland" yay!!!
My birthday was on the 7th of September btw~~~

Decided to go for a simple light blue high low dress (from ShopSassyDream) and I altered it to my size HAHAHA omg it was XS but still too big for me!
Light blue to match Alice's dress. xD
Heels from Elisa Litz!!!

The party was hosted at Hopscotch Bar, located at Tanjong Pagar, Red Dot Museum!

Nowhere else better than this 'cause I'm a frequent customer of the bar, they have some amazing cocktails, extremely unique and you can't find them anywhere else. You can also self-customize your drinks to your liking.. I LOVE BERRIES & FRUITS BTW. Okay more about them in another blog post next time 'cause too much to share with you in just one post!

The arrows were made by Rachell and I hahaha we went to Art Friend to find some thin wood and DIY! The left pointing to the right is on purpose 'cause wonderland is confusing hahaha.

The custom drinks made for the party, all named to match the theme!!!
I opt for some berries and fruity drinks, and we have Mad Hatter for the guests who can take stronger drinks~

Here are some decorations Rachell and I brought~ This twine heart with vine!

And the bird cage filled with fake roses that Rachell painstakingly painted into red and gold to fit the rustic vibes~ *_*


They are Pokemon Macaroons as guest favours!!!
All the guests were super hyped up about it HAHAHA it's so cute~
They are from Le Sucre Du Patisserie!
Quote "Peishi5" for 5% off any macarons tower customisation! 

There are Snorlax, Dragonite, Pikachu & Charizard! ;)
Also the beautiful Baby's Breath from my loves Yolanda and Constance!
Yolanda handed it to me when she came to find me at the salon (and helped me carry all my stuff to the party T _ T Thank you~)! Felt like I was getting married except I got no groom AHAHAHAHA fml lol

The dessert table that you can never miss for every birthday party! Thank you White Spatula for the set-up, it looks amazing!!! We added the fairy lights ourselves 'cause the place was really dark~ xD

My favourite on the dessert table are the sugar cookies!!!!
I'm a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and it's like a cheap thrill looking at these cookies 'cause they look exactly the same as what Alice ate!!! (No I didn't become smaller or bigger HAHAHAHA)

Also the two-tier chocolate cake with berries and herbs~~~

My family who came early too~~~ *_*
My sister and mom really quite on, dressing blue and white for the theme xD

Here's BOBO SHOOTER setting up!!!
They actually custom-made some props just to fit the Alice in Wonderland theme as well! Show you the Photo Booth pictures later~~

Let's talk about food now HAHAHA
Neo Garden really surprised me with their set-up! I was totally not expecting such a huge and detailed set-up from them but they really blown me away with how meticulous they were and how they really took the theme to a whole new level.

Can you just look at the plate and utensils I'm holding?! They are all disposable but looking super fancy!!!

Some of my friends and relatives who are quite picky when it comes to food actually came to tell me that they were so impressed!!! #PROUD HAHA you know how it feels damn good when your party's buffet is one of the best that anyone ever had?? ;)
Some of my favourites from the buffet were Aglio Alio and Sotong You Tiao!

After that, CLEO Hair team came down with a huge bouquet!!! Thank you CLEO HAIR & Neo Garden for the roses~~ Felt like a star ok I did my gratitude speech on my vlog. xD

My ridiculously photogenic nieces who came down and brightened the party up~

Ben, Mandy, Jayne and Sam!!!

Here's at the photobooth where LSS surprised me with their present for me! ^_^
Thank you Rachell, JQ, JY, Alton, Nat & CX for the bracelet from T&CO!

Here's with my flower girls riding the carousel brought here by Bobo Shooter!!! *_*

Got to try all the custom drinks from Hopscotch Bar (luckily 'cause I was so busy I didn't get to eat a lot #muchragrets)!

TAADAA!!! CAN SOMEONE HIRE ME TO BE THEIR FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER hahaha courtesy to Rachell's DSLR & the stunning background decoration from Neo Garden xD

Pic above L to R - Mad Hatter, Red Queen, Drink me Potion, Cheshire's Dream

Can you just take a moment to appreciate how well made they are T _ T

Guest favourite is Mad Hatter which is super strong hahaha I like Red Queen!!!

Aaaaand it's time for cake-cutting!!!

As you can tell, most of the desserts were gone and I didn't even get to try them yet T _ T Guess they were pretty good! Thank you White Spatula!!!

Made a wish with all my heart and soul hahaha it has been a very complicated and heart-wrenching year... #Positivity

A picture with the fam is a must~

And here's a picture with Shinji 'cause I think I look good here HAHAHAHAHA

Here are some pictures from Bobo Shooter's Photo Booth!!! There are so many pictures I can't pick my favourite so I just randomly chose a few to post hahaha!
Bobo shooter will be giving 10% discount for my followers~ Just quote "Peishi21"!

Cactus fam feat. the gorgeous custom made props by Bobo Shooter~

Thank you so much to all my guests who came down and stayed till late, I hope all of you enjoyed the yummy food by Neo Garden, custom cocktails by Hopscotch Bar, pretty desserts by White Spatula, coolest Pokemon macaroons by Le Sucre Du Patisserie & the super fun Photo Booth by Bobo Shooter!!!
Thanks to all my sponsors for making my 21st party night an amazing one, I will never forget the effort all of you put in to make this special day awesome~ T _ T

Also, thanks to Rachell, Yolanda, Qiu (who specially came down earlier to help set-up the place despite having some asshole thing to deal with that came last minute... T _ T), Ben, Mandy, who decided to call themselves PA & tried to treat me like a princess that day HAHAHA AHEM I am a princess 25/8 though BAHAHAHA. Felt like I was going to get married and they were my bridesmaid LOL.

Special thanks to Rachell (aka my bff, my mom, my sister, my grandma, my PA depending on the situation hahahahaha) for making the decorations with me few days before, and painstakingly painted the dull purple roses RED and GOLD to fit the theme!!! Also she went around the party taking pictures for me in her huge ass DSLR, and made sure I get the help I need whenever wherever~ Extremely thankful to have her in my life,  I LOVE YOU RACHMA!!!!! #KOAS #SHIP #OTP #PEIRA

Thank you to my mama and papa for raising me, I AM AN ADULT NOW YOU CAN BE REST ASSURED I WON'T DO DUMB THINGS, not like I have done anything bad the past 21 years, I've been the BEST KID EVER hahahaha please give me an award, I deserve it LOL.
Thank you to xuan and gor for always being there for me, and I had some gloomy moments during the party I can only rant to my little sister HAHAHA. Thankful to have siblings, they can be monsters at times, but still the best thing ever at the end of the day.

Being an adult means having more troubles to deal with, and that means I need to have a more mature mindset, and manage things calmly and logically.
What I've learned growing up is that looking at things in a positive light is very important. To make life a whole lot less complicated, and happier. :)

Growing up means lesser time, and lesser friends. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It's good to have a few true and trustworthy friends, than a whole bunch of friends that you can't go to, or will never help you when times are tough or when they can't get any benefits out of helping you. I've seen a lot being in this industry for 5-6 years, and growing up in this industry, meeting so many new faces. What I've learned is that, it's okay to not hang on to people who doesn't appreciate you and/or is taking you for granted. If they are there just to ride on you during good times, and leave you when you need help, it's okay to drift apart from them, it's okay to lose some friends to realise you have better ones around. We need more positive people around us as we grow older.

True friends will be happy for you when you succeed in something, true friends will always be there during tough times, true friends will share their joy with you. :) 

And I am very fortunate and grateful to be growing up with people I appreciate, and people who appreciates me.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of my journey growing up. 
Let's all continue to grow together!!!!!^_^

Happy 21st birthday, me. ♥

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  1. Best blogpost ever ! Enjoy reading it so much

  2. Congrats on adulthood :) We will continue to grow together

  3. This is beautiful. I'm sure many girls would dream to have such a 21st Birthday party but i guess at that age most of them cannot afford one. Perhaps you can include an estimated cost breakdown for them to refer to? Cheers and happy 21st!

  4. Happy birth's day. Best with for you !

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  6. Happy birthday to you dear! You are looking so cute in this asymmetric dress. Thanks for these smile-making photographs. My younger daughter also turned 16 last week. We had reserved one of best Los Angeles venues for her birthday celebration. Completely enjoyed the day!

  7. Enjoyed reading your post! The decorations are all so pretty (: The bouquet and floral backdrop are really nice, simple yet nice wall deco~ Haha flowers always make a girl’s day! And the DIY fake roses in the bird cage haha! I love DIY stuff~ Such as terrarium! Have you heard of those??