Bobbi the naughty pup


As you've all seen on my social media, I've got a new pup!!!

Late update on my blog on this news but YAY finally!
It has been a super long decision to getting a pet, especially a dog, at first it was disapproval from my parents because it requires a lot of effort, time and $ when it comes to raising a dog, those were also my concern because we can all get rather busy at times, also it may be a little tough to travel with a dog around... considering I'm such a travel-holic (and also someone who doesn't have a travel buddy so I like my family along with me).

Anyway, those concerns aside, finally got ourselves a pet dog after much much considerations.

I've been to Pasir Ris Farmway once quite a while ago almost a year back, and I did blog about my trip there! So anyway our second trip there after almost a year~~~ FINALLY!!!

The first time we went there was this huge adoption drive going on called Mutts and Mittens. Our initial plan was adoption before wanting to purchase one. Anyway, our second trip there a week plus back, the first place we visited was also the adoption drive, we didn't really found the one, also it came to our realisation that adopting a dog requires a lot more effort.

It gets me when people act all like a saint and reprimand me on buying a dog instead of adopting one.
First of all, I am a first-time dog owner. Most of the dogs at the adoption drive are older dogs, been through a lot and have seen a lot that I probably will never know. I am not ready to raise a dog that will spend a shorter period of time with me, and definitely do not have the experience yet, to take care of a dog that may have traumatic experiences from before.

Anyway, after visiting Mutts and Mittens, we went on to some of the kennels to take a look... Some of the shop owners are super rude which were a major turn-off.
I didn't head down knowing which breed I wanted to get, I just headed down to see if I can find the one HAHA. I believe in love at first sight LOL.

SO Bobbi caught my eyes and I started googling about Japanese Spitz and the rest is history hehe.


Born 24/3/2016, Male, Japanese Spitz!

Bobbi is very naughty and will bite us.... T _ T I think he's teething but we try a lot of way to make sure he don't bite...
He's super smart and is a very good boy at times, depending on his mood HAHAHA

This is me taking advantage of the time when he's super good and obedient LOL.

Bobbi's growing very fast!!! T _ T Feel like a mum, although I want him to grow up well but don't want him to stop being a baby...

That's all for this post~~~~ Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Sorry peishi I cannot be your number 1 fan alr, I'm now bobbi's number 1 fan 😂 BOBBIIIII!!!!

  2. Begin a pack leader(owner of the dog), my suggestion to you are, when the dog are going up as their teeth too. bites will be prominent, almost everything in your house(E.g: furniture). save all your furniture from begin destroy, buy him toys which allow him to bite on.

    Secondly only shower your dog once every 1 to 2 weeks, they do not need to shower everyday like human does. They will produce a layer of oil on their body.

    Third on hygiene(teeth), do take some time and brush the teeth of your dog, if it is not done, the food they consume have the same bacterial into the body and into the heart, for a long period these will cause many unwanted illness and complications.

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  3. omgg bobbi is so cute! haha I love that photo with him wearing glasses!