Let's talk about food #5 - Cinnamon bread sticks with Nutella


It's time for LET'S TALK ABOUT FOOD again after so long hehe.

Today we have Cinnamon bread sticks with Nutella (or any toppings you like haha).
It's a SUPER EASY recipe as always, nothing on Let's Talk About Food will be tough 'cause I'm too lazy to make any food that takes more than 10 steps HAHAHA.

What I used:
Cinnamon Sugar (You can get this at any groceries store!)
Nutella or any spread you like

Bobbi loves bread. Bobbi loves anything that he can eat hahahaha.

First of all, just cut your bread up in slices as shown above~

Go to your pan and melt that butter.

Just place all your bread sticks on the pan and wait for them to sizzle. Used medium heat and cook them till golden brown. Or just brownish like toast LOL.

Don't overcook like what I did for a few sticks HAHAHA. Flip over, wait for a bit and you're ready~

Sprinkle lots and lots of cinnamon sugar!!! I get a bit crazy here but at least I didn't use up the entire bottle HAHA. Bought mine from Japan but you can easily get cinnamon sugar at any groceries store, tastes pretty much the same.

Yeap, sprinkle A LOT.

And just choose your spread!!!

Went with lots of Ovalmaltine and some Nutella~~~~

It's perfect for breakfast or tea time, and super addictive! Don't eat too much of these though, my throat hurts now HAHAHA #Beware. Don't say I didn't warn you.

And that's all for this post!!! Super easy as always, AND very yummy. ;)

Thanks for sticking by!

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  1. I'd choose ovomaltine over nutella~ omg ovomaltine is the best thing that's ever invented! hahaha
    btw you've become so much prettier now!! well you were already cute and pretty of course years ago but I mean it just that I'm quite shocked to see that you've grown up into a mature - glam - lady. I used to read your blog in 2010++ then recently moved to a new blog. haha. good to see you're still on blogger. following you again now :) *this is my new acc