Okay? Okay..

Hello. As always, been a while.

Completely left this place for a bit, and been trying to tidy up my emotions.

It has been a hectic few weeks, struggling with so much emotions, feelings, memories, thoughts, and worries.
I apologize for being all negative on my social media platforms, it gives me strength reading some of your emails and tweets, telling me how you've been following me due to the strong and bubbly front I have. I am extremely thankful and honoured to be someone with that image in your eyes, I'm nothing like what you imagine me as, but I'm definitely working towards it, thank you for your nice words and for sticking by.

Ranting on..

I don't think I'm ever going to be okay from this, but I know it will get better, and I'm holding on with a positive light, hoping that things will turn out better than what I think, trying so hard to not worry about things leaving me again and again because what's meant to be will be, and what's not meant to be will always find its way away from us... and that's when we need to move on and realise, these things leave so that better things can come.

Sometimes it makes me wonder why we have to go through so many beautiful things, when one day they will all be taken away from us, and that all these things that once felt so perfect can instantly turn into such a nightmare and put us in this agony.

I am so afraid, to let go of something I hold on so dearly to.
But I am more afraid, to destroy something that I see so dearly of.

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  1. Hi Peishi! I have been reading your blog for a few years already and totally love reading it. Yes, it is super hard to let things/people go and you wonder why they appear when they are gonna leave in the end. However, whenever you think and feel this way, look around you and you will realise that although people left, there ARE people who stayed throughout these years as well. Your friends, your family and your readers like us! Jiayou and things will definitely become better. Law of attraction!

  2. peishi, at least you once experience the perfect things in life, some of us here dont even do. life is constant battle full of changes, full of ups and downs, you can up at one time and down sometime later. it is not all sunshine and rainbows. you are a very blessed girl because you are blessed with good looks and i can safely say you are one of the prettiest beauty blogger. pertaining to beauty, i also hope you understand that beauty doesnt last forever even if u apply the best makeup or go for plastic surgery. you must learn how to get and let go,拿得起,放得下。you got the ability to successfully takeup, but when it is time to let go , you have to let go. perfect times dont last forever, so enjoy it while last. life is full of changes ,ups and downs .with this i wish you all the best ,count your blessings, the things you are having may be something someone is praying for. the cosmos is not created just for the creation of your happiness, there are still many lifeform out there which deserve something, other than you. you are so pretty what more do you still want .peace out