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What's better than ice cream??

I'm sure most of us LOVE ice cream, and as a kid growing up in Singapore, King's Potong Ice Cream was definitely a huge part of my childhood!
We can always get it conveniently from those mama shop or the classic ice cream van with the nice uncle!

Back in Primary school (that's like... 10 years ago LOL), there will always be an ice cream van waiting outside my school!
I remember how my grandpa will fetch me from school, usually at around 6PM (I was afternoon session!). We will always have two Potong ice cream before going home, and try to hide it from my mom 'cause as a naughty kid I don't finish my dinner once I have something sweet HAHAHA but it was so tempting and my grandpa doted me so much. xD It was good.

My favourite as a kid was King's Potong Red Bean Ice Cream!!! Classic and sweet~

Taadaa! Some of the Potong flavours that they have now are Red Bean, Cempedak, Coconut,  Durian, Yam, Black Glutinous Rice (also one of my favourites!), Teh Tarik (exclusively available at Sheng Shiong!)~

I have VERY local taste buds so I LOVE local food/flavours!
It's so nice that King's Potong still keeps these asian-inspired flavours, which we can hardly find it anywhere else!

I have to say, every taste of King's Potong ice cream... is super nostalgic.
It reminds me so so much of the past, and instantly brings back all the joy from as a kid.

Also, I tried to make a twist to King's Potong ice cream, since nowadays we all like to have some toppings on top of our yummy ice cream.
So here's what I came up with the Teh Tarik flavoured one!
Anyway, Teh Tarik flavour WAS SO GOOD, just imagine Teh Tarik, but frozen. OMG.


Added some condensed milk, with coconut flakes and corn flakes!!!

If you have a sweet tooth, you can drizzle condensed milk. Love how the coconut flakes made it more fragrant and the corn flakes provided the extra crunch!

You can try to make a twist to any other flavours~~~ ^_^

Here's me devouring into one of their classic Black Glutinous Rice flavour!
I LOVE how there are pieces of black glutinous rice inside, feels like I'm eating pulut hitam HAHAHA.

King's Potong Ice Cream is available at SGD$4.50 PER BOX (6 sticks), and now having a special promotion of BUY 3 at $9.00, valid till 31 May only!

Just head down to your nearby major hypermarket/supermarket (Fairprice, Sheng Shiong, Cold Storage, Giant, Prime Supermarket), and selected Cheers and Singapore Petroleum~
Also available online at Redmart!!!


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