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Today I'm sharing with you another awesome product from The Body Shop!!! ^_^

As much as I LOVE living in the city 'cause it's so exciting (and all my relatives like to call me the city girl because I'm so spoiled by city life LOL), there are lots of cons to living in an urban environment as well... One of them is the challenges we face while protecting our skin from so many environmental aggressors!!!

Living in an urban environment means we are more exposed to AIR POLLUTION, which causes damages to our skin and weakens our skin's ability to stay healthy!
Also, since Singapore is so humid and hot, we are always exposed to the sun!!! UVA and UVB rays can cause a lot of damage to our skin such as accelerating the ageing process causing redness, burns and pigmentation respectively... :(
AND because of the hot weather, we like to stay under the air-conditioner, which will cause dryness to our skin!

With all that in mind, we need to keep our skin protected!!!

Here's when The Body Shop's Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence comes to play!

Some details on the back~

This product includes SPF50 PA++++ which helps to protect our skin from sun exposure~

Also, it includes North Atlantic Red Algae Extract, Vitamin C, and Community Trade Marula Oil to help hydrate our skin, and give it a luminous glow!
Red Algae Extract is known to help prevent dark spots and limit melanin production and pigmentations caused by sun exposure~

So after using, it can result in BRIGHTER more LUMINOUS skin!!!

Another thing that I fell for is that this product has a milk-to-water texture, which means it is feather light AND absorbs really quickly into our skin!

As it's always so humid in Singapore, I don't like putting on sunscreen or products that will actually leave a sticky after-feel!! The feeling is made worse due to the heat...
With The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence, the after-feel of the product is really good, non-sticky AT ALL and absorbs so quickly into our skin, just like water!
This is also why it complements all skincare regimes! ;)

The smell is heavenly as well ;)

After using, our skin will appear brighter, more even, and more radiant after 8 weeks! ^_^

This product is also 100% vegetarian FREE FROM Parabens, mineral oil, and paraffin!

Prevention is key when it comes to premature ageing of skin... so let's all start protecting them before it's too late!!!

Thanks for reading~

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