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The last weekend, I went down to PARKROYAL on Pickering for a staycation!!!
Much needed because every week to me recently has been a WAR, meeting deadlines and trying to make sure I've got my job well done.

Anyway, I've walked around Chinatown once and ended up walking pass PARKROYAL on Pickering, my very first impression of it was just... I was so blown away by the exterior of the hotel! It was classy, with greenery all around, looks super IG-worthy. So I told myself I need to have a stay there soon, and so I did!

Inside, a peek at the lobby.
Upon check-in, they served me a welcome drink (lime juice)!

The whole concept of PARKROYAL on Pickering was very much like 'hotel-in-a-garden' amidst the city.

Here's the corridor to my room!!!

The room was spacious, and PARKROYAL on Pickering has lots of sustainable and green features, such as no plastic bottles in the room, they were replaced by glass bottles!
And the bin is also separated with a recycling section to promote an eco-friendly habit!

Loving the view too!

I have to say PARKROYAL on Pickering really spoilt me with their selections of FOOD!!!
They provided me with their Orchid Club Deluxe room, with privileges from the Orchid Club Lounge as well. It was around tea time after checking in so I went straight to Orchid Club Lounge to satisfy my tummy!!!

They serve Champagne Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Evening Cocktails!

Something simple for tea~

Headed to the most beautiful area of the hotel, level 5!

Of course, can't resist taking a dip and swim around their infinity pool!
It has been YEARS since I last swam!!!

Ended off my night by soaking in their BATHTUB!!!
Apparently, it's called an INFINITY BATHTUB, which means water doesn't overflow even if you fill the tub up! :O
It's also made with recycled composite granite~ #EcoFriendlyOnceAgain

Popped a bubble bar inside so I can fully enjoy the tub. ;)


Champagne Breakfast at Orchid Club Lounge to start off my day!


So after stuffing myself at breakfast... it was time for lunch HAHAHAHA exactly why I said I was so spoilt with food!


Super Lunch Sunday at LIME restaurant located at their lobby~~

There were SO MANY choices I had to make two rounds around the restaurant before I settle down on what to START on.

Sorry (not sorry), here are the pictures at the buffet! *drools*

They have a huge variety, western to asian, savoury to sweet!

So here's what I ended up with for the first round. xD
I tried... my hand is too short to fit all in one picture HAHA.

With my buddy!

Of course, we went on and on, many many rounds until we're completely stuffed.
The chef at the pasta station was so nice! We didn't know what to get, and was afraid we can't finish everything, so he suggested and whipped up two half portions of different pastas and sauces for us!

Also we had a ridiculous amount of drinks on the table because they really spoilt us with all their selections. xD

Like always, there's always a second stomach for DESSERTS!

Just a part of their dessert selections. *__*

And just the first round we settled for hahaha.


Thank you PARKROYAL on Pickering for having me! 
It was such an amazing experience staying with you, thank you for the awesome hospitality towards me!
Can't wait to visit you again when I have the chance too~ 

Thank you so much for reading!

Also, ending off with some links if you're looking for a staycation spot, or if you're from overseas and is interested in staying with them (p.s. It's in walkable distance to the MRT station so the location is really good!)

Link to WEBSITE & INSTAGRAM (I took over their IG during my stay so please go check out the photos!)

-I'm not paid to say any of the above and my opinion is unbiased- 

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