How's it going?

Hello there~

After quite a long 'break', I've been getting back to work from the sudden amount of work load from all over the place, shoots, ads, events and what not. Amidst everything, trying to keep up with some updates on YouTube and my social media as well.
(And also my blog which has been pretty much dead and I've been trying to keep alive.)

I'm stuck in between feeling very blessed and feeling exhausted from work, but I guess being exhausted from work is also a form of blessing haha. Either way, I'm happy!

Anyway, I actually miss how my blog was a part of my life, and how I used to jot down all my feelings, what I've been going through... all on this little space because it was pretty much the only place I can vent most of my things to.

Whenever I come back to write about my personal experiences, feelings, and things I feel deep down, it makes me feel like I'm going back to an old friend to rant about things I haven't get to tell her for a long long time.
It was a diary to me, and I wish I can keep it that way.

So here goes.

Life has been like a roller coaster of emotions to me lately.
In my 20 years of life (coming 21), it gets to me how I've missed out a lot in life, and how some things can really bring me so much happiness, so much sadness, so much anger, and just so many emotions and feelings that I've never really felt.

Looking back, these few years have taught me quite a lot and transformed me while I am slowly growing into an adult... age-wise LOL. Places that I've travelled to, friends that I've lost, new people I've met and invited into my life, people who are becoming so significant in my life I'll never want to lose. It taught me how you don't measure love in time, and also how the people you've met even for the longest time, can turn into strangers in just another moment.

"Sometimes the longest connections yield very little growth, while the briefest of encounters change everything."

It also made me understand how sometimes the happier you are, the unhappier you can get. And the unhappier you are, the more happiness you can seek from within.

Things can get really complicated.
But things will get better.

Thanks for sticking by. :)

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