Staycation at work, I am THAT busy please


As you can tell from the title, I am freeloader no more. (Not like I've always been one but still)
Anyway, I've been getting busy lately so I'm so glad I got to find time for a staycation, although I booked it purely for work purposes HAHAHA but I'm thankful my job allows me to go on a staycation while being at work. xD

Just some brief update about meeeee because I haven't get to update this space that often hahaha, I promise I will try to get back and post more often!!!

Had to book a room impromptu to film a video, and I'm so glad klapsons provided me with their klapsons Suite!!! I fell in love with this hotel at first sight when I saw the pictures online because of their modern and quirky vibe!

The suite was really spacious as well, making it perfect to film for my video so plus point! HEHE~

I was like WHUTTTTTT when I saw two huge TV in the suite, and my favourite part is this!!!

Two sinks and huge bath tub!!! *____*

Perfect for my video 'cause I needed the bath area the most.
Stay tuned to the video, will let you know once it's out! ^_^

Of course, some photos of me in case you miss my face HAHAHA.

You can tell how huge the bath tub is, especially next to my petite frame. xD


It has LED lights installed and it changes colour from pink to red to blue to yellow to orange to green...... *__*
And as I thought that was PRETTY DOPE... their shower area...


There's also this 'outdoor' area in the suite so it's perfect if you needed that bit of sunlight for photos. It rained quite a bit before I was there so I couldn't head out since the floor and chairs were wet, but still dope!

It's really perfect for a couple staycation so if you're celebrating your anniversary or monthsary or what not you can really opt for this suite! Spacious, quiet, and the service is really good. I remember mentioning a little about the bar upstairs (which was not opened that day) to their manager, Jonathan, and he immediately went to find ways for me to visit their bar. :O Looking into details at its best. Thank you for having me!

Anyway, the area is within the city so it's really convenient to go to pretty much everywhere interesting in Singapore hahaha.

That's all for this post~
Thanks for sticking by!!! :D

-I'm not paid to say any of the above and my opinion is unbiased- 

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