Where did we go in Penang?


Lack of updates as always but I'm finally back, do you miss me!?

I just got back from Penang yesterday and decided to compile some of the photos to do a post first~
Food will be on the next post so please stay tuned~ ;)

I flew to Penang with Ben!!! :D

Both of us didn't plan at all for our trip in Penang, so we just headed down with no itinerary and no exact idea what we were gonna do, on top of that it was a SUPER IMPROMPTU trip 'cause we only planned it weeks back!

So here's what we did during our 3D2N trip in Penang.
I will like to say our itinerary is an extremely bad example since we did not have plans at all HAHAHAHA.


We reached Penang at almost 5pm, and by the time we reached our hotel from airport after everything, it was already almost 7!!!
We took a car from the airport, it was RM74, from the counter.

We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Penang, which was located at Batu Ferringhi. It's furthest away from the airport, and pretty far away from George Town (area with almost everything you will want to visit hahaha), but it's a really nice place with beautiful beach!!!

3 days 2 nights at Hard Rock Hotel Penang!!!

The view from our room is just AMAZING.

Check out the sea view!!!

After resting for a bit, we headed out to Batu Ferringhi, areas near our hotel for dinner!


We headed out pretty early and our first destination was Armenian Street, somewhere really popular with nice street art, perfect for your IG!

Hard Rock Hotel Penang to George Town was around RM40!
Anyway, we heard it's a whole lot cheaper to take uber there so try it!!!

It's a really photogenic place I'll have to say, but the sun was SCORCHING HOT so we left really quickly for the mall.

Before that, got to snap some photos with their most popular wall art!

And also got photobombed by an uncle when I was trying to take a final selfie before we leave. :D

Okay, at least he looks really happy to be a part of it HAHAHA.

After that, we took a cab to Gurney Paragon for brunch, which I will share all the food with you on the next post~~~ ;)

We strolled around and headed to Joo Hooi Cafe for Penang Laksa (it was SO GOOD, idk why the reviews online were bad but I liked it hahaha), Rojak, Char Kway Teow, Oyster Omelette and Chendol (which was also AMAZING)!

Sad to say but that's all for our Day Two because we were SO TIRED.

We just stayed in our hotel on the last day hahahaha I know........ T _ T

We had an hour massage at Rock Spa, thanks to Hard Rock Hotel Penang, and we decided to just spend the rest of the day in the hotel 'cause we were too tired to walk around.
The sun was SUPER HOT so please prepare a fan with you!!!

Will be sharing all the food pics from Penang on the next post so remember to check back!!!! :D

Anyway, new video!!!

Thanks for reading~~

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  1. Hey,
    Is your job traveling, because I see a lot of video about traveling

  2. You should plan next time if you wanna to come Penang again cause Penang is way more fun than that :D

    1. Hi Shinyee! Any recommendation to Penang?? Will be heading there next month andI'm planning it now, not sure what I can do..

  3. Peishi! :) What camera did you use?

    1. Me too! I wanna ask that too! And what filter app are you using? Is it photoshop? SO pretty!

  4. Beautiful photos, lovely outfits and I love the cat murals!

  5. hi, may i know how do you travel around in penang? did u rent a car or?

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