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Here's an update to celebrate new template HAHA *applause*~
Hope you like my new blog template!

Visited Boufe Boutique Cafe before going to a movie premiere for Zootopia the other day with my mama!!!
My mama loves Boufe a lot since the first time I brought her there because of the whole ambience and of course, the food that fills up our tummy really well hahaha.

Decided to bring her to Boufe again for their new Brunch menu!
Super enthu for the new menu 'cause there's my favourite CRAYFISH plus it's in SALTED EGG YOLK SAUCE! Anyway, the new menu started on the 16th and I went right on the 16th hehehe.

#FanGirling #MyCrayfishWaitingForMe #SaltedEggYolkScreamingMyName 

Anyway, if you're starving right now it's probably not a good time to read this post but if you insist, you shall scroll down.... :D

This their new drink!!!
Ice White Peach Tea~

I'm a fan of PEACH so anything peach I must try.

Omg, suddenly realised their new brunch menu is filled with the food I love.
Hi Rachell is it you tell them to make this menu for me HAHAHAHA  #自作多情

All time favourite Truffle Fries! T _ T
They have one of the BEST Truffle Fries. First of all, the truffle scent/taste is really there haha (unlike some other places that I've been to), it is also very very affordable considering the amount they serve!

Salted Egg Yolk sauce is so crazy everywhere now, every time I see someone post about Salted Egg Yolk sauce... I just... NEED.
And it's just so so good with the crayfish AND the bread below which is SOAKED in Salted Egg Yolk sauce. T _ T

Also order Scotch Egg Guacamole + their edible flowers which I had a lot of fun trying to eat and snap a lot of photos LOL.
The whole texture of their Scotch Egg is really good, like the outside is crispy and the inside is soft, and then there's this half-watery egg yolk... BAM.

Mouth watering while typing this HAHAHA anyway, both my mom and I were SUPER FULL and satisfied after these.

Happy faces with happy tummy. xD
And yes that's the edible flower HAHA.

Boufe is also perfect for OOTDs so must take the chance to snap more photos.

After brunch we went to Shaw Lido for the movie premiere of Zootopia by Disney!!!
I LOVE DISNEY MOVIES, it's like there's almost no bad Disney movies?!

Zootopia was so good, and it was pretty relatable to real life, of how discrimination is being taken, and that we shouldn't see everyone just from the surface.

That's all for my post!
Thank you so much for sticking by and for reading~

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  1. Your new blog template is super sugoiiii!

  2. You warned to stop scrolling down if we're hungry at the moment but I did... ;____;
    Love the new template as well~ So simple & match your posts' colours.

  3. love ur photos! what camera are you using?

  4. this is good anyway jiayou

  5. great pics and love the outfit!

  6. What camera did you use? :)