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Hello my girls~

This post is dedicated to all my girls out there who experience the horrible time of every month...
T _ T

As a fellow girl, I understand the pain of period... Not just from cramps, but from so many other factors such as feeling fatigue, emotional and distracted!

To me, looking out for the right pad that is comfortable for us throughout our time of the month is the most important!
Feeling comfortable during the period helps to improve our confidence as well!

My favourite brand has got to be LAURIER!

If you haven't heard of Laurier, you're missing out a lot, as a girl!!!!!

Laurier is Singapore's No.1 Brand in total Singapore Sanitary Protection Category and they provide high quality products to suit every women's needs.

Through Kao Japan's advanced technology, Laurier is able to provide us ladies with high quality and slim pad, with maximum absorbency and comfort!

Laurier understands that they cannot change periods, but they can change the way we feel about it!

Of course, as a long term user of Laurier, I have to admit that what they claim is really what they provide!!!
I absolutely LOVE how 'safe' I feel with Laurier Super Slim Guard, as it's SLIM, yet provide MAXIMUM absorbency!
This is why I make sure I bring the pad I feel most comfortable using out all the time, just to make sure that I have the RIGHT ONE when my period comes~

Laurier is currently running "Laurier 7-Day Challenge", challenging us girls to empower ourselves by overcoming our insecurities and debunk PERIOD MYTHS!

You can start of by signing up for the Laurier 7-Day Challenge here with me!!! - http://www.Laurier7DayChallenge.com 

For this 7-Day Challenge, participants get to redeem sure-win prizes with every challenge successfully completed!
You get to be part of a GRAND LUCKY DRAW to win a grand prize of 2D1N Staycation at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore, and many other prizes, once you've succeeded in completing the Laurier 7-Day Challenge!

With each of your successful participation, Laurier will be donating $20* to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

*Terms and conditions apply

Let me explain some of the Laurier 7-Day Challenge!!! ^_^


The first challenge is to tell your friends about this challenge!
Nominate 3 of your girlfriends to kick start the journey with you~

I've tagged 3 of my #Lapsupswag girls , Rachell, Hayley and Jayley! :)


Take a video of yourself dancing and letting loose to show that you're comfortable in your own skin!

Here's me and my moves, working it!


As we all know, the time of the month is the worst because we feel fatigue and emotional during those days... Most of the time we just want to lie down and not move, especially when we're afraid of leakage if we move a lot more than usual.. :X

So Day Four challenge is to snap a photo of a creative JUMP SHOT, even better with your friends to show that NOTHING can stop us from staying active, not even the time of the month!


Challenge for Day Six is to answer a True/False questions to whether it's true that we have nothing to wear during period, unless we choose a good quality ultra slimpad!

I hate it when period restrains me from wearing the things I want to!
Don't you hate it when we have to avoid a lot of clothing choices, especially skin-tight dresses or pants which might cause visible pad lines, or white clothing just in case we stain our clothes?!

Fret not with Laurier Super Slim Guard which is PERFECT!
It's super slim just 1mm thin (no need to worry for visible pad lines), 200x ultra absorbent (no need to worry for leakage and stain), so we can just wear ANYTHING WE WANT! ^_^


THE FINAL CHALLENGE will be to embrace our natural beauty by taking a no-makeup face selfie!!!

Remove your makeup and show your glowing beauty underneath!

Laurier will be having a roadshow outside Somerset H&M this coming Saturday 19th March from 2PM to 5PM!
Get ready to walk away with a goodie bag worth $35 if you complete 2 challenges on the spot (While Stocks Last) ! :)
Check out Laurier's Facebook Page for more info regarding this and the 7-Day Challenge~

Thanks for reading!!!  

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