Hello, pictures from Penang again as promised!

This post is all about the food we had in Penang, not as fantastic as 99% of the people who went to Penang.
Our short trip was a fail (mostly we just chilled around in Hard Rock Hotel located a distance away from town) but I still enjoyed the little bit of local delights we tried, as well as visiting some of their famous cafes. ;)

Will love to visit Penang again on a weekend, to revisit some of the places we missed out!

P.s. These aren't ALL the food we had, I didn't snap photos of everything... 

Anyway, if you're starving, SCROLL DOWN AT YOUR OWN RISK. :D

I warned you. 

Scroll down if you really want to.

Cafe at Gurney Paragon! :)

Have to say anything out of a cafe is picture worthy hahahaha.

Chocolate Banana Waffle, classic.
This combination can NEVER fail!

If I'm not wrong, this is Triple Chocolate Waffles.
(Actually I've forgotten everything about it but I'm guessing from the three shots of chocolate LOL)

That's my Lychee Rose Frappe which was SO GOOD omg.


And here's a selfie because the lighting was so good LOL.

We went to this other place for late lunch too and considering that our trip was a fail, it was still pretty satisfying to try almost ALL the local delights at ONE location - Perfect for the lazy ones like me, not sure if it's the best for foodies.... BUT they were pretty good, and I loved them all considering that I'm a picky eater.

It's called Joo Hooi Cafe!

There's Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Char Kway Teow, Rojak, Penang Laksa, Oyster Omelette and this famous chendol that everyone was queuing for!
If I'm not wrong, this place is only famous for their Chendol HAHAHA BUTTTT they have EVERYTHING under one roof, I'm happy. xD
The weather was SO HOT I don't want to walk anymore... JUST FEED ME PLS.

Their famous Chendol which I thought tasted pretty good but not EXTREMELY good like I will queue an hour for it. xD

Penang Laksa which from online reviews - weren't that amazing BUT both Ben and I loved it.

Oyster Omelette!!!!

Char Kway Teow~

Rojak!!! Not a huge fan of Rojak but it was pretty good although there wasn't any You Tiao inside HAHAHA.

If you have anywhere you will like to recommend me to visit the next time I go to Penang, COMMENT PLEASE!!! :D :D :D

Thanks for reading, I hope you're not dying from hunger HAHA.

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  1. What camera did you use? :)

  2. Do you edit the colour of your photos? Because they're so natural and harmony and I like them very much! :D There are many cafes in Penang heritage area,so I guess next time you can have a visit to those cafes (:

    1. Hey dear! No I didn't change the colour of my photos, just brighten them! :) Thanks for your recommendations! :)