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As someone who has been riding on the whole Hallyu wave since forever, I am a huge fan of KOREAN FOOD as well!!!
One of the main reasons why I want to visit Korea again is for their food~

If you're following me on my Instagram, you should have noticed this post that I've posted less than a week ago!

If you haven't guessed it, it's linked to Pizza Hut's new creation of Seoul Sensation Pizza!
And that pose is me munching on an imaginary pizza hehe.

Riding on the Korean wave, Pizza Hut came up with their new creation of popular Korean flavour on their menu!
I was SO THRILLED when I first hear of this!!!

 Lucky me got to try out their new menu first hand the other day~

Here are the new flavours they are introducing!

Spicy Chikin Pasta~
Both my friend and I really like this pasta, it's sweet and just slightly spicy, I can taste a little bit of western vibe to it still!

Yuja Chamkkae Wings~

The very first taste was from the Yuja, more commonly known as Yuzu in Japan. It's savoury with a tinge of citrusy taste to it, and for those who can't take spicy food, good news for you, Yuja Chamkkae Wings are non-spicy!
It's pretty addictive, I have to say! I'm sure you'll need more than 6 pieces HAHAHA.

And the star of the show has got to be this...

Seoul Sensation Pizza - Regular Hand Stretched Thin!!!!
It's sweet and spicy with the tantalising Yang Nyum sauce!
It's really cool 'cause Yang Nyum sauce is famous on Fried Chicken in Korea, and they made a twist to that by adding it on a Pizza!

It's an amazing creation 'cause Yang Nyum sauce tastes PERFECT along with the toppings on the Pizza which includes spicy marinated chicken chunks, mushrooms, pineapple and green bell pepper!!!

Looking at this photo just makes me crave for the Seoul Sensation Pizza... T _ T
The sweet and spicy taste from Yang Nyum sauce is sooooo tempting and exciting on the taste buds.
If you're someone who is into savoury food filled with bursting flavours (like me hehe), this is definitely for you!!!

It's awesome! T _ T

To add on to the whole Seoul Sensation in the menu, they have a perfect dessert to end your meal off with!

Mango Pudding with Ice Cream!!! ^_^

Also, Pizza Hut is having a contest on their FB Page, they are giving out VOUCHERS so go and join!!! :)

Hop on to their Facebook Page for more information!


Pizza Hut has many other choices too, includes salad, pasta and their sweet and spicy drumlets!

More at dine-in menu at-

Delivery menu at-

Thanks for reading~

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