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KYAAAAAA~~~ 캬아아아아아

Cold fizzy drink on a hot day is the BEST. Especially when it's so hot here in Singapore all day everyday...

Here's me and Lotte's Chilsung Cider (칠성사이다) which is really popular in Korea~ It's their number soft drink and their version of Sprite!

Love the sweet and citrusy taste to it~ The tastes relies on natural scents extracted from lemons and limes, so it has no artificial flavouring, colouring, addictives or caffeine!

On top of that, Lotte Chilsung Cider has less sugar content, which means devouring in less guilt. xD
For fans of fizzy drinks, this is also highly carbonated! ;)


I love having cold fizzy cider along with my fried chicken, so when I feel like having something non-alcoholic to match with my fried chicken, Lotte Chilsung Cider is the BEST MATCH!

They are now available at 7 Eleven, Cold Storage and Fairprice!

Visit their pages -

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