Let's Talk About Food #4 - Lychee Rose Frappe


Finally back with this series of SUPER EASY RECIPES for lazy people like me! :)

Today's not actually about food kind of food, but a super yummy drink I had back at a cafe in Penang!
The creation was a blend of Lychee and Rose in milk called Lychee Rose Latte, and I fell completely in LOVE with it, for how easy the recipe can be, and how tasty the combination is!!!

The cafe's version has a strong taste of milk and a tinge of lychee scent to it. I can barely taste any rose in it, but I'm sure there's some, just that the taste of milk and lychee overpowers it - which to me is something I adore since I'm not a HUGE HUGE fan of rose flavourings.

ANYWAY here's my take of Lychee Rose Frappe!!!

First of all, ingredients!

What I used - 
Rose Essence (You can get it at any supermarket)
Dried Roses (I got it from some Chinese medical shops)
Canned Lychee
Ice Cubes

You can freeze the milk and blend it either, if you're looking for a thicker texture, so you won't need any ice cubes!

First, put in some ice cubes in your blender!

And add in half a cup of milk! (With half a cup of milk, this recipe turns out it's enough for TWO pax so I guess you can put lesser of everything if you just wanna try this yourself)

Put in some lychee, I've added about 6 of them, and a ton of syrup HAHAHA.
It really depends on how sweet the canned lychee you bought is, and just put it to taste!

Next, add in ONE DROP or HALF A DROP of Rose Essence!!!
Remember, don't add too much because you don't want everything to taste like rose, and trust me, half a drop is all it takes. xD

Blend everything out into a frothy texture!!! Make sure all the lychees are blended as well!
Then stop the blender and add in MORE lychee (about 3-5 depends on how much you like), and BLEND IT SLOWLY, leaving bits of lychee left in your frappe!!!

Once your're done, pour out your mixture in a cute glass cup and then add some whipped cream on top. ;)

For decoration, add on a piece of dried rose.

Or you can tear the petals up and just scatter some on top just for it to look like it's so classy.



You will be so surprised by the taste, I LOVE IT!!! ^_^

If you happen to try it, tweet me @speishi or post it on IG and tag me~~~

Hope you like this, and thanks for sticking by as always!

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