Advertorial - Annahouse

Hello there~

Today, I'm going to be recommending you an online store from Malaysia!

Annahouse!!! :D

I love the outfits they have in their website and I have to say.... I was really spoilt for choices 'cause there were plenty of different varieties for me to choose from.

Picked out this Puffy Collar Long Top in White.
It's supposed to be a top but since I'm quite petite (and short LOLLOL), it fits me perfect as a cute puffy dress!

It's surprisingly flattering on me! I love how it's puffy at the sleeves and flowy at the bottom, accentuating the waist area!

Another outfit I've chosen from their shop is this....

It's my favourite out of the all that I've picked out!!!

Celebrity long dress lace suit!!!

It has a cream coloured under-line which helps to bring out the details on the white laces.

The sleeve area is sheer so it doesn't look like I'm too 'wrapped up'. I LOVE IT.

Definitely something I will wear to an event, paired along with a cute clutch and a pair of bling earrings hahaha.

Another outfit I've chosen from them is slightly more for casual day out.

Neon loose top and Waves Culottes in White.
I'm very into simple, clean-cut outfit recently so the top definitely caught my eye with the simple black lining!

And that skorts matches almost everything in my wardrobe.... something basic is a must!

Annahouse carry a large variety of bags as well.

Their Saime Bags are GORGEOUS.

Large Saime ZORA Back Pack in Skin Colour~

I'm in need of a huge (yet small) bag for travelling.
Every time I get a small back pack, it doesn't fit my laptop. But once I get a huge one, it looks WAY TOO BIG for my petite frame!!!

This back pack is of the perfect size and fits everything I need. T _ T

The quality is really good too, with lots of compartments (you can check it out here)!


Ready to start shopping?!?!

Here's a coupon code for my readers!!!

Quote "SPEISHI" to get a free comfy singlet upon purchasing up to RM50 with every single order!
(Just add it to the cart yourself by choosing your favourite colour of singlet as long as you've spent more than RM50 in that order!) 

Thanks for reading, as always.


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