I'm trying to love me.


Dead space as always, back to clear some spider webs and dust. 

So here's two photos from the beach the other day hahaha.
Love the beach! Only 'cause it's an awesome place for good pictures, otherwise the sun is a killer. 

Anyway, new video up on my YouTube channel, finally! Been 3 weeks!~

(Not sure if it's minutes or minute, whatever fits HAHA)

Since many of you have been asking what I've used in this video...
Products used in the video!
Base - Etude House (Pink Wish Tree Version) BB Cushion No2 Light Beige
Concealer - The Saem Liquid Concealer #1
Eyebrow - It's Skin Wooden Eyebrow Pencil 
Eyeshadow - KOSE Esprique Single Eyeshadow in PK 800\
Eyeliner - CLIO Liquid Eyeliner in Brown 
Lips - IOPE creamy lipstick in Sweet Berry 

Brushes on the table are Bubbi Brushes by Bubz! 

Trying to keep up with posting videos every week but have been caught up with some work recently. 
....Also I'm going to be on the small screen soon BAHAHAHA can you imagine me and my amateur acting skills! xD 

I'm going to be acting as someone totally unlike me. (After you watch the show you'll realise I'm actually trying to praise myself right now on how good of a kid I am in reality HAHA

Doing it as an experience and I'm very happy and proud of myself 'cause I've been trying to do things I don't usually do. Learning something new every time. Glad to be given the chance to do different things every once in a while.

What I've been told by many people (even some constructive comments from some of you!) recently is that I am lack of confidence when I speak.
Hard to tell 'cause I've always been trying very hard to show that I'm a very bubbly kind of person when it's really very tough for me to speak up in front of people or cameras that aren't mine HAHA. 
Because of that I start to mumble a lot when I speak and that's definitely not a good thing. 

Funny thing is when I was a kid, oral examinations are always something I'm super confident of 'cause I'd been praised for speaking loud, clear and fluent in both languages. 
My mom even told me I should grow up to be a broadcaster haha fml how things have changed.

It's quite funny how I've always thought that being in this line which exposes me to the public more will actually help boost my confidence. Somehow, it turns out to be the other way round.
Where is that confident little kid? 

While trying to improve many other things, we tend to forget to keep up with the things we used to be good at.

We all learn things about ourselves everyday, and I'm glad people tell me what I can improve on. 

Alright, that's all for the random ramblings for today. :)

Thanks for being here as always!


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  1. You look like EXID 's hani!

    Can I know where do you buy the bangs's curler from? ( pink )

    Thank u!

  2. hello peishi ! i'm this random girl who once said hi to you in W hotel when I was still a banquet server there (dk if you still can remember) and i'm just as unconfident as you were when you wrote this post and i'm also trying to love myself bc my mum has always told that i'm feel inferior and all . idk what's the point of saying all this to you but you come of as a really sincere and cute person so I hope we can work towards being comfortable w ourselves together ! jy peishi !!&