Let's talk about food #1 - Making Ham and Cheese Omelette


Trying to keep my blog updated once in a while, especially now that I have the time to.

Been wanting to post about food (although I'm quite skinny lol I love food ok)!
So here's a post of me, making Ham and Cheese Omelette HAHAHA.

I'm not a great cook so if I can cook, so can you! xD

I actually like making food and experimenting with food (LOL) during my free time but I rarely post about them... NOT 'cause they all turn out bad but I find it almost impossible to take photos of the food I'm cooking and cook at the same time?!

Most of the pictures/videos I upload are filmed by myself, unless I really need help like taking my own full body shots in the public... so it's really quite tough if you think about it... to take photos of the food I'm cooking when I'm cooking. HAHAHA.
Really impressed by how those cooks/food bloggers can take photos of themselves whipping up an awesome meal.

Anyway, to experiment with this whole "taking photos of what I'm cooking while cooking", I decided to try doing the easiest dish for the laziest people.


Everything's done in my own style, without following any recipe so please don't say mean things like this isn't how an omelette should look..... 'CAUSE THIS IS HOW MINE LOOK LOLOLOL.

(Instead of what you need...) What I used: 

- 2 Eggs
- Salt and pepper in any amount I like
- Milk in any amount I like
- 1 Slice of Breakfast Ham
- 1 Slice of Kraft Singles Cheddar Cheese 

Diced up like this.
(Is DICED the word??) 

So here I pour in my 2 eggs with milk + pepper + salt in any amount I think is right HAHA.
And I started pushing the egg around so it will be half-cooked on the inside.

Something like this, a bit watery.

I just realised how bad I am at explaining anything food related.
My vocabulary for how the food tastes stops at "GOOD" "YUMMY" "BAD" "EW".
My english isn't too good to begin with HAHA fml.

So yes I turn the heat to low and quickly pour in my ham and cheese before it burns. (You can see the side is kind of burnt LOL) 

And now I wrap it up and hope it doesn't break (and hope the bottom part of the egg is not burnt).

TAADAA! Successfully flipped the egg after wrapping and it's not burnt! #MissionCleared

After the cheese is melted in your steaming hot omelette, it will be the yummiest thing in the world.

Buy some Ham and Cheese and store it in your fridge 'cause it's something you can use for almost everything haha.

After the cheese is melted, you will have watery egg mixed with melted cheese inside the sort-of crispy outer layer of egg. LOL.
How complicated to explain.
But you get it.

That's all for this post! :D

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Thank you for your post! Looks yummy ;) Keep up with the good work~

  2. Looks super yummy!!! I also cook eggs some times. (The only thing i can cook other than noodle) but i always just cook the egg plain and simple, nv thought of all these. Thanks for the idea ah peishi! ^_^