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Old Paramount Theatre.... It may be a very nostalgic place for the pioneer generation.
It has now transformed into a modern mall called myVillage!

Why is it named as myVillage?
This place holds true to what its predecessor offered - a hangout where friendships are built and new memories are created. :)

Regardless the name and appearance, myVillage is still a space where quality time is spent with those who matters!

Just a while back I visited myVillage with Rachell!
myVillage is located at around Serangoon Gardens - at the North East region (which means it's not somewhere I've been to often haha) but I'm pleasantly surprised by some of the things there that I can't find at the west. :D

First stop we headed that day was to Beyond Beauty for a pampering time.

We were brought around the spa for a quick tour!

Their couple room for facial or massages if you're looking to share a room with your loved one. :)

Their manicure and pedicure area~

And the consultation room where the experts will figure out our skin type and recommend the products and treatments we require. :D

There are a total of 8 rooms at Beyond Beauty!

A photo with the team before we hopped on to shopping!!!!!

Walked passed a shop with Qiu's pictures HAHAHA!

We visited this accessories shop called U-Design and if you were to make a trip down to myVillage, this will be one of the shops that you will definitely walk into!!!


The gorgeous interior!!!!!!

The furniture are so delicate, just like their accessories!

Their necklaces are more to the chunky side where you can definitely make them a statement piece to your outfit.

Due to my petite frame, I prefer something dainty, so I opt for their earrings instead! :D

Their earrings were at 20% off!

By the way, U-Design is having a promotion for our readers until April 2015~

Enjoy 10% off the bill by liking their FACEBOOK PAGE and quote my name upon purchase!

U-Design is actually opened by a family! The siblings were at the shop and they told Rachell and I that the teddy bears on top of the shelf were gifts from their dad to their mom when he was courting her. TOO SWEET. T _ T

The interesting thing about myVillage is that they don't differentiate their levels by numbers!
Instead of Basement one, it is called myPantry!
The rooftop area is called myGarden!

The whole mall is designed to be very personalised so it feels like we're hanging out somewhere like home. ^_^

At myPantry, we had KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN!!! I LOVE.

Yogiyo Chicken, opened by a pair of really really friendly Korean!

Here's the boss of Yogiyo!!! :D

As they are Koreans, they know the most genuine taste of Korean Fried Chicken!

My favourite will be Hot Soy 'cause it's salty and spicy! *_*

The reason why Yogiyo is worth the visit is because.... the taste of their fried chicken are very GENUINE.
On top of that, they provide both the chicken coated with sauce, and the one double fried with sauce!!! :D
You get the best of both world under one roof! :D

They also provide these finger gloves hahaha super adorable!

I have to say the day spent at myVillage was a day of INDULGENCE.

After Korean Fried Chicken, we had desserts!!!


I was sooooo excited for this because it's so nostalgic eating Udders Ice Cream!

I was a huge fan of Udders Ice Cream when I was in Secondary School 'cause they opened one really near my school back then.
Almost everyday after school, I will head there for a scoop or two with my friend!!! :D

My favourite flavours are Snickers Mars, Strawberry Fields and MAO SHAN WANG DURIAN!

We got to meet the co-founder of Udders, Peck Ling, and she shared with us a lot about Udders and how every ice cream is made to perfection using the BEST ingredients!
That is why all their ice creams are so divine. T _ T

We've got a list of tasting menu where we get to try out almost every single flavour in store!


Udders has the best alcoholic ice cream in Singapore, hands down!

The Rum and Raisin one is my favourite.

Showing our love for Udders HAHAHA.

Mango Sorbet and Strawberry Fields!!!
Their Strawberry Fields tastes like REAL Strawberries!

"Don't be selfish, think of udders first." xD

I've heard that during the past generations when there were Paramount Theatre and Serangoon Garden Village, many people have great memories of their teen and dating days~
Now that it has revamped to a modern mall, myVillage will be where the younger generations get to create more great memories to be kept close to heart! :D

I enjoyed myself at myVillage with Rachell, definitely a great space for us to spend some quality time together!!!

Great things keep getting BETTER!

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