Am I old?

Hello there!

Back for another post about my Seoul Trip!

Just in case you haven't been following my YouTube page, I've posted some vlogs up there!
Do watch it if you're bored HAHA.

I went to Gwanghwamun to check out the palace called Gyeongbokgong.

Not sure about everyone else, I really like exploring/looking at such heritage sites hahaha.
I think it's fascinating and all - totally not something a youngster like to do.
For some reason I think it entertains me more than it bores me haha.

Before the trip down to Gwanghwamun, I met up with the lady boss of Seoul Mansion and Funko and she treated us to an awesome meal!

Some Andong Style chicken and I heard it's pretty popular among foreigners. Omg I am starving right now.

Yeap so next is Gwanghwamun...

I was like :O the whole time.

Don't you find it amazing how they managed to build this up without the help of technology back then?!?!

And how amazing that it lasted for so long??

I wonder how it was like back then.

Also felt extra fascinated 'cause it feels like I'm in the drama "Moon Embracing the Sun" HAHAHAHA KIM SOO HYUN STOOD HERE BEFOREEEEOHEIFJERFJER.

Not to mention how beautiful this place is.....

It's just jaw-dropping omg.

Dinner that day was Chicken and Beer!!! ^_^

Chicken definitely taste better with beer hahaha.

So that was all for that day!!!

Bonus will be Injolmi Bingsoo which I LOVEEEE omg.
If you haven't tried it and if you're heading to Seoul, PLEASE TRY THIS.


That's pretty much all for the first week of Seoul actually.
I suggest you to check out my vlogs 'cause I'm a really lazy blogger HAHA I don't like to type so much in details.

Anyway, thanks to Seoul Mansion, I enjoyed my first week staying around Hongdae.

One reason why I loved Seoul Mansion was due to the location!
It is located around Hongdae, extremely convenient because it's just 3 min away from Hongik University train station!!!

Just across the road there are PLENTY of restaurants so you will NEVER be hungry.
Even if you're lazy to head out for food, you can get help from the reception and order some Chicken with Beer or Jjajangmyun with Tangsuyuk!!!

I really love Hongdae because it's pretty much like a youngster's hangout place so there were plenty of shops around that we can shop till we drop.
Just two stations away there is Ewha University which IS MY FAVOURITE STATION full of shopping.

If you're there to shop, Hongdae and Ewha are MUST-GO places.

That's why I was really happy with Seoul Mansion 'cause it's so convenient staying there!!!

On top of that, their receptionists were really helpful, tending to my needs whenever and whatever.
Seoul mansion is perfect even for the introverts 'cause it's a really private guesthouse where you get your own private space - even a private restroom and a private kitchen!

I love their mini kitchen concept haha we got to cook our own dinner when it was too cold to head out!

This is my room!!! I will be featuring more on my video so do stick by my YouTube Channel!!! :D

Thank you so much for reading!!! :D Can't wait to update more.


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