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I'm back for another post in Seoul!

I'm still not yet done with the first week and this post might be slightly shorter because I'm sick HAHA but I kinda have the vibe to post something so here goes something!

This was after Gwangjang market where we found this 'river' or something more like a canal which looks extremely gorgeous to not take a photo of haha.

We headed to the popular Mural Village located around Ihwa-dong. It's as made famous by Rooftop Prince if I'm not wrong but they filmed their drama at this beautiful stairs with sunflower paintings keke.

We decided to take a look there and DAMN THAT PLACE IS STUNNING.

Just one down-side is that it's REALLY REALLY out of the place and it felt like I went hiking just to take a look at this place haha.

This is the route where we walked pass Naksan Park, another beautiful place made famous by another drama haha.
Didn't get to walk into Naksan Park 'cause it's way too huge.

Happy faces although we're super tired climbing the stairs and walking those slopes.

The area is really jaw-droppingly beautiful, just taking a walk around that area will calm us down and relieve some stress.
If you're planning to visit this place, I suggest you to not just think about rushing over to your destination (which in this case may be the famous rooftop prince stairs which all the tourists are raving about). Make sure you're not rushing and enjoy your walk!
Take it as a 'healing trip' and enjoy every bit of the walk 'cause the walk over to the mural village is really really far but definitely stress-relieving with lots of nice sceneries for you to look at.

Turns out the stairs aren't my favourite thing of this trip to Mural Village 'cause there were WAY TOO MANY TOURISTS queuing to take a quick picture.

So yeah!!! :D That's our trip to Mural village at Ihwa-dong.

Next post will be about Gyeongbokgong, and then our last day around Hongdae before moving to Gangnam!
Will be posting a review on Seoul Mansion on the last day of the week as well to share with your my experience in this guest-house!

Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking by!


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  1. Thanks for posting about your korea stay, I really enjoy reading it :) can't wait for the other posts! Really want to visit Korea now because of you haha

  2. Woah it looks amazing~I wish I could go to Seoul too and the graffiti paintings are so creative and so prettyyy~

    Sindy xx