My first 3 days in Korea and lots of ramblings

It has been a while since I sat down to type slowly about something hahaha.

Anyway, as most of you already know, I'm currently in Korea enjoying my life *burps some beer with chicken I had for dinner tonight* and will not be going back to Singapore.............until a month later!

A trip I've been anticipating for really long 'cause I've been planning for this trip ever since my last trip to Korea which was almost exactly a year back.

Before you go like "YOU LUCKY B****..... I'M STUDYING/WORKING MY ASS OFF RIGHT NOW", hold up, I've earned enough to stay here out of my very own pocket, as well as worked hard enough to give myself a month worth of break overseas. KEKE.

Hard to believe about a few weeks back, I was still working my ass off at some hotel as an intern for HALF A YEAR. O_O Time passes really fast but trust me, when I was working, it felt like forever.

After my 6 months worth of internship haha, I had to rush quite a number of advertorial campaigns (some I still got to bring them here to Korea to complete fml), as well as running to events in the two weeks before I fly off....Everything was hectic and I'm sooooo glad I finally have time to give myself a BREAK. I HAVE TO SAY....THIS IS A WELL-DESERVED BREAK, EVERYONE. T _ T

And to all the clients/followers/readers who have been following me for long, I'm so sorry I was dead online for so long... Wasn't really dead but I had to reject so many campaigns since I'd only 2 days a week to complete every single advertorial task given to me, as well as every event that I have rejected even if they are paid because I'm way too packed as an intern to attend.

Thanks everyone for your concern, thanks everyone for your understanding!


I didn't take a whole lot of pictures but my 8GB SD card was full in just 4 days haha.
I filmed quite a bit of videos so I can compile a vlog for all of you but for that you got to wait till I'm back 'cause I'm too distracted to be editing a video HAHAHAHA sorry.

Some pictures I took in Korea for the first two days. We stayed in our hostel on the third day so I don't have any pictures to share.

We took Korean Air over to Korea 'cause I cannot stand indirect flights hahaha. That means I'd have to pay more but plus point for comfort.
Korean Air was pretty good thus far and I'm not complaining!

We took the subway to our Hostel, SEOUL MANSION!

They are providing us the accommodation for our first week in Seoul!

Anyway, Seoul Mansion is a hostel and it's located at a very convenient location right in Hongdae.
IF you're not so sure where is Hongdae, this is a place full of teenagers so if you're around my age, you'll fall in love with this place.

The day we landed, we just headed out to look for a quick lunch and got ourselves some potato pork rib soup nearby! There are quite a lot of restaurants around there so looking for food was pretty easy.
The only difficult thing for us was to ORDER FOOD because the locals just kind of scream what they want to the ajumma but we were really confused......

It felt really embarrassing though 'cause we couldn't understand how to order food and stuff and no one was there to help us. It was also lunch period so everyone was rushing and couldn't be bothered to stop by our table to help.

After a while an ajumma stopped by and asked what we want so I just pointed to a random thing on the menu and go like "YIGO TU GAE" meaning "This, Two" HAHA BUT IT WORKED LA.

We went walk around Hongdae area for a bit and visited the Sheep's Cafe!

We got lost quite a lot at the district hahahaha but we found our way in the end STILL.

Like it was -4 degrees celsius and it felt like legit -14.

Next day we headed to Hongdae area in the afternoon again~

Meanwhile, here's a picture of me at the rooftop of Seoul Mansion HAHAHA

We went to another side of Hongdae which we haven't get to walk around yesterday.


But I was quite a tad bit disappointed with the clothes though.

Don't get me wrong, they are GORGEOUS, LOTS OF VARIETIES (if I'm not wrong it's three level worth of clothes for us to shop at), pricing was alright considering that it's Stylenanda.....BUT one thing I realised is that most of their clothes are pretty big and the designs mostly compliment really tall and slim people like the Stylenanda models themselves. T _ T

So sad though, hope I can go back for another visit and dig out some stuff which might fit the petite me!!!

We visited the popular Coffee Prince Cafe as well 'cause it was made famous by this drama.

Pricing SUPER touristy lol at almost $10 a cup of coffee...... AND IT DOESN'T TASTE MAGICAL OR WHAT IT'S JUST....... normal.

Also the sunflowers are not drawn ok, they are pasted hahaha.

But yeah the place is pretty for pictures, especially the exterior.

I really like shopping around Hongdae though.
They have really nice boutiques and if you look careful enough there are some shops going on a sale with racks full of 5000won or 10000won clothings.

Anyway, we were told Dongdaemun have the most

cheap apparels and most boutiques around here may have bought their clothes from Dongdaemun as well since that's the central region for shopping, however, I still find Hongdae a lot better to shop at 'cause if you're looking for cheap clothes, in Hongdae, they mostly place them in a rack with this huge sign stating the price.

In Dongdaemun, they don't really state the price and you have to ask for them.
So if your heart is not ready for some lectures I rather you go walk around in Hongdae HAHAHAHA.

I didn't really buy much clothes from Dongdaemun though. I got quite a number from some Hongdae's boutique at just 5000won and looking REALLY GORGEOUS ;)

Just my personal opinion though but I'm sure I'm not heading back to Dongdaemun anytime soon before I move to Gangnam in a few days time.... xD HAHA.

Anyway, we headed to Myeongdong at night for some cosmetics shopping!

Visited the cat cafe 'cause I saw this huge cat mascot who danced with me in the street LOL.

That's all for that day~~~

We stayed in our hostel on the third day and cooked our dinner that day!

HAHA we went to the nearby super mart to buy some groceries!!! :)

We still have another two weeks to go in Seoul...Moving to Gangnam soon and I hope Gangnam will be a very nice place! ^_^ Heard so many good things about it.


Thanks for reading!!! xx

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  1. Looks like you are having a great time. I hope I can go someday. :)

  2. I admire hard workers and I am glad that your hard work allowed you to have a long holiday. I hope you enjoy your time in Korea. I suggest you watch Eat your Kimchi on youtube as they have great tips on where to go in Korea.

  3. OHMGEE!! Where did you get the trenta beanie? I hv been looking for it everywhere!!

  4. Hi peishi. Can i check how is the xchange rate in korea like now for sgd to krw? Cos i'll be going there in a few weeks time and SG's rate to krw now is really bad :( should i go over there to change or change it here?