NIVEA - In Shower Wash-Off Lotion

I have this HUGE concern with my skin that I never used to bother so much about.

I never used to care so much about how dry my skin is -The only thing I notice is my skin tone.

However, my skin started to itch a lot, I feel like my skin is tearing apart every time I stretch my arms.
That's when I started noticing that my skin is flaking, and that it's so dry it started to hurt, like as if my skin is cracking every time I move!!!

I don't have the habit of applying lotion daily, hence, my skin only gets worse - even drinking more water to hydrate myself don't help much.

I'm not kidding when I say my skin is flaking. I feel like a snake.

Can you see those white flakes?!?! T _ T

As a very lazy person (haha), I always forget that I have to apply body lotion! However, now that NIVEA In-shower conditioner is placed in my shower along with my other shower essentials, I will never forget to moisturise my body!

At the same time, in shower, your skin is moist and warm, hence prepping your skin to better absorb the care products!

When I hear NIVEA, I think of their whole lot of creative product ranges which I've tried since young!
I used to care so much about my skin tone so I purchased their whitening range. xD
I've trusted this brand a lot and have been using it since young, with my family, so honestly, when their new products came out, I was quite sure that they will work pretty amazing. *_*

Who else uses NIVEA since young?! Raise up your hands!!! *raises*

NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner (Intensive) is currently part of my essential products in the shower now!

The one I'm holding is the In-Shower INTENSIVE series, meant for dry skin like mine, this works like magic.

I'm not even kidding! I took a before and after photo of my skin and zoomed in.

You can significantly tell that my flaking skin are mostly not visible anymore. O_O


Most importantly - I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

My skin feels SOFT and MOISTURISED! I'm soooooo happy because they don't itch as much anymore when I move around.

My skin is no longer cracking!

The body part which I'm most concerned of is around my elbow because we flex that area a lot and it hurts/itches so bad all the time!!!


After 2 weeks of use, I've received a moisture device to test the efficacy of In-Shower Skin Conditioner. The higher the digits, the more hydrated your skin is!

Before shower, the moisture device reads 37, which is really dry. I believe 37 is considered a fairly good score and is probably far worst if I were to measure my dry flaky skin 2 weeks ago. HAHAHA that's why I'm really surprised after using NIVEA In-shower conditioner...

It's 57!!! That's like 54% more hydrated HAHA!!! SCORE!!!!

How to use it? Yes, just like the name of this product, it is a conditioner just for your skin!

It works the same as your hair conditioner - it helps to nourish your skin like how your hair conditioner nourishes your hair.

Even the way you use it is the same!
Just like how you use your hair conditioner after your shampoo, you use NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner after your shower gel!

4 simple steps you can follow~

Use it after your shower gel and rinse it off! :D

NIVEA's In-Shower Skin Conditioner comes in three ranges -
Whitening - 250ml ($10.90) & 400ml ($14.90)
Normal Skin range - 250ml ($7.90) & 400ml ($10.90)
Intensive range (the one I'm currently using- 250ml ($7.90) & 400ml ($10.90)

Each of them comes in two different sizes, 400ml and 250ml! ^_^

Don't wait till it's too late, girls! We all need beautiful smooth skin! Not just for appearance because it makes us feel a lot better too!!! :)

Also, now that NIVEA in-shower skin conditioner is placed in my shower along with my other shower essentials, I will never forget to moisturise my body!

There is also a promotion going on~

Get 25% off NIVEA In-Shower Whitening 400ml only in Watson's!

I’ve bookmarked this link to see NIVEA’s ongoing promotions! 

Thanks for reading~~ xx

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