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Are you a huge Disney fan?



When I was younger, I was absolutely in love with Disney Princesses, I will watch their movies countless times and reenact the scenes, sing their songs, and act like I'm playing with birds HAHA.

"A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep." 

A dream come true to me is to be invited to the Grand Premiere of Cinderella!

Everything about Cinderella is magical.
Her dress, her shoes, her looks, her personality...

I brought my little sister along as she's a HUGE fan of Cinderella!

My necklaces that day to match the theme of the enchantment with Wish, Love and Dream.

The Grand Premiere was held at MasterCard Theatre at MBS and the first thing I saw when I was there WAS THIS BEAUTIFUL GLASS SLIPPER.

It's way too gorgeous!!!!

A shot with the huge poster before the movie!

You can tell I'm really excited hahaha.

There was a cocktail reception for VIPs, as well as a showcase of the dresses by NAFA for Cinderella!

In conjunction with the release of Disney's Cinderella in Singapore on 12th March, Walt Disney Studios Singapore made a collaboration with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and Swarovski Singapore to product 4 pieces of Disney's Cinderella Inspired dresses!!!! :OOO

The 4 pieces of Disney's Cinderella Inspired Dresses are namely
- Cinderella Inspired Dress
- SG50 Cinderella Inspired Dress
- Wicked Stepmother Inspired Dress
- Fairy Godmother Inspired Dress

They are locally produced and designed by NAFA Student, Erica Devi Handika, mentored by the Vice Dean of NAFA Fashion Studies Programmes, Anthony Tan.

Talk about classic.

The movie was up to my expectations (and I have to say, as a huge fan of Disney, their princesses, and all things enchanting and magical), that's really a huge deal!!!!

I love it!

I like how the movie goes straight to the point without beating around the bushes, very much like the actual Cinderella we've watched as a kid!

They actually put in A LOT of effort into the background, the props, the dresses... I was so impressed with the set-up, I wish I was in the movie!


I liked how they put into a lot of thoughts to show each characters in details. Although the Stepmother was extremely evil, I felt the sadness in her character as well.

I personally felt this version of Cinderella has a more realistic tweak to it, but still kept the magical and enchanting bit to it!

My favourite character is the Fairy Godmother 'cause she's so adorable!!!

YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT TO KNOW IT, I don't want to give too much away. ;)

Cinderella will be out on 12th March 2015!!!

I WILL LOVE TO WATCH IT AGAIN. Once it's out, rush to the theatres! xD

Thanks for reading! xx

Have faith in your dreams and someday, your rainbow will come smiling at you. :)


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  1. Where did you buy your pink dress? :D It's so lovely on you!