CNY and VDAY with *SCAPE!

I think it's no surprise that *SCAPE is one of my favourite hang out place 'cause that's where most of the youths gather around.

I will always bump into someone I know there - I think that shows a lot HAHA, like how much people around my age like to hang out around here! 

Anyway, I got Ben to accompany me to *SCAPE to shop for CNY clothes since there are a whole bunch of affordable yet gorgeous choices there. 

My first place in mind was *SCAPE Underground so I decided to head there! Before that, I walked pass quite a number of shops on the second level of *SCAPE! 
I'm surprised there are quite a lot of interesting finds there. :O 

Ben found a top he likes here at a shop called Timberack! :) 

There is also a shop at *SCAPE Level Two which I love to shop at! It's called The OOTD and I bet a lot of you know about that shop 'cause it's pretty near the main entrance at Level Two!
THEY HAVE SUPER AFFORDABLE CLOTHES so if you're tight-handed, just make a visit there! 
I bought a simple black skirt from there for my outfit in this post which you will see later on~

I went down to *SCAPE underground after that~

Found a shop I like at the corner of *SCAPE underground! 
They have so many pretty pieces I love~

I got a top from here!!!

The outfit Ben and I got from *SCAPE~

On me:
Simple black skirt from The OOTD 
Top from From The Spectrum 

Ben got his Top from Timberack!

Ben and I bought these adorable phone cases as well~~

Some of the interesting promotion *SCAPE is coming up now~

The Top prize for Scratch and Win contest is a staycation at Hotel Re! @ Pearl's Hill!!!!

If you're shopping at *SCAPE, do take advantage of the special promo at some of their retail stores during CNY & VDAY period! 

You can redeem these *SCAPE Mandarin Orange Carrier after spending a minimum of $18! 
They have cute stickers provided in this package as well which you can design your own carrier and bring it for house-visiting! ^_^

*SCAPE is holding a CONTEST AS WELL!!!!! :D :D :D 

In conjunction with CNY and VDAY, *SCAPE is organising an #OOTD contest where you can win $168 *SCAPE CASH VOUCHER OMG. I LOVE CASH VOUCHERS.

You just got to 
1) Snap an #OOTD with your loved one(s) at *SCAPE 
2) Upload your photo on Instagram

Contest ends on Valentine's Day, 14 Feb 2015! 

You don't have to take the #OOTD with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you can just take with your family, friends, or anybody you LOVE ♥

Like Ben and I. 
OOTD ideas for all of you hahahaha. 

This contest is a win-win yknow! You get to find an excuse to shop around at *SCAPE for your CNY clothes since you're already there, get to hang out with your loved ones, snap a nice OOTD photo for your Instagram, and STILL get a chance to win $168 *SCAPE CASH VOUCHERS.

Good deal. *_* I'm sold.

More OOTD ideas~ 

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Huat ah! ♥

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