Who told you I was nice?

Feeling rather depressed due to all the shit load of crap going around lately (as always) and I'm not one who can handle stress very well so all these emotional things are devouring my brain slowly I feel like I'm no longer me.

As I was showering, I gave all the people who dislike me a brief thought - brief but turns out extensive but anyway, yes I gave it a thought.

After reflecting 'briefly', I've concluded.

My haters are right.

I'm a horrible person.
I did everything wrong, I'm arrogant, I'm a complete diva, I'm a loser and I'm a total whore.

But then again,


The thing about this whole "I hate you" issue is that - it's all up to what YOU think.

What I've always been thinking is that...
What you think is right basically depends on what you like.
What you think is wrong basically depends on what you dislike.
Vice versa.

What is right and what is wrong? 

I don't think there's any right or wrong - If you think it's right, it's right. If you think it's not, it's not.

I've always been doing things that I think is right.
Even when I do things that I think is wrong, I will always end up thinking that I'M RIGHT.
I don't think this only applies to me - It applies to everyone.

Let's say I did something I think is wrong. I will apologise, I will try to find ways to cover up the wrong things I've done or I'll try to make sure I compensate for what I thought I've done wrong...which in the end, I think I did the right thing in order to compensate for the wrongdoings so in conclusion, I AM STILL RIGHT.

Even if I know it's wrong to the majority, I will still think I am right because I like it.
It doesn't matter if YOU THINK I'm wrong because I THINK I'm right.

It's what you prefer, it's your choice.
You can choose to perceive something as wrong and end up disliking it, on the other hand, I can choose to perceive that as right and like it for all I want.

For example, there is a slice of pizza you bought from the store. You left it on the table.
I saw it. I picked it up and ate it.
I think I'm right because nobody said it belongs to anyone so I ate it thinking it might rot if it's left there for long.
You think it's wrong because you bought that pizza so no one else should've touched it.

All in all, you may think that I'm a horrible person, which I don't disagree -

....TO YOU

I think I'm a SAINT because I've been doing all the right things I think is right. And I like it.
You may think I'm wrong but I think I'm right. And I like it.

Either way, even if it turns out to be 'politically' (to the majority) wrong, I'M DOING IT BECAUSE I THINK I AM RIGHT. 

And why do I think I'm right?
Because I like it.
And why do I like it?
Because I'm being nice to myself for doing something that I want (even when everyone else is against it).
And why do I think it's considered nice to myself?
Because I like it.
And why do I like it?
Because I think it's right.

Get it?


Who told you I was nice? 

I'm a horrible person. 

I'm happier being 'arrogant' because I'm confident enough for others to perceive it as arrogance.
I'm happier being 'a complete diva' because I want only the best for myself.
I'm happier being 'a loser' because I embrace my weakness and my imperfections.
I'm happier being 'a total whore' because I'm chasing for love others will never dare to.

You may think I'm not good enough but I've tried my best and I like being me - a human with imperfections - with things that others may dislike but I'VE CHOSEN TO LOVE AND EMBRACE.

Give me a break.

Yes, I'm a horrible person, but I'm happy being horrible - deal with it and just shut up. 

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  1. This is cute and sounds same like me too! hahahahaha!!! A person who love you, no matter how horrible you are, you still a nice person for them. A person who hate you, no matter how nice you are, you still a horrible person for them. And I Love You ^v^

  2. Hi Peishi. :) You're not a horrible person. You may not know who I am, but I just want to tell you that you are awesome and amazing. I've been reading your posts and watching your videos. You are really amazing. I've never seen any blogger so cheerful and being yourself. There are haters everywhere and they are those who wants you to be affected by what they say about you. And the most effective way to fight back is to ignore and don't give a shit about them. You are who you are. :) Hope this helps. FIGHTING !

  3. So much true-ness! Totally agree

  4. just wants you to know, you are perfect just the way you are! so just keep going! stay pretty!

  5. you are an amazing person! i love & support who you are <3

  6. So proud of you ! !😘😘😘😘😘 HWAITING!💪

  7. Really proud of you ! I mean, yes, you should just live your life and don't care what others think because they are not you, they don't go through shit that you went through before.

  8. I totally understand this. What others think say about you says more about them than it does about you. You do you, Peishi. Other people's opinions shouldn't matter if you're happy with how you are.

    rie // reach you ☆