Freedom before it's taken away

The title of this blog post is slightly depressing but I'm not THAT depressed given the fact that I've already gave in to this depressing life of mine lol.

I met up with Ben and Randy yesterday! Got to pamper myself at CLEO Hair & Make once again haha.

I touched up my hair roots and did treatment~~~~

Samantha and Takuya look kindda like those "office couple" here HAHAHA like secretly giving each other loving glares HAHAHAHA. She's gonna be angry when she sees this.

I went out without having lunch so I was almost dying from hunger until Samantha told me Hitomi bought some cup noodles from Japan!!!!


So here's my VIP treatment by my hairstylist, Takuya, and Samantha hahaha.


Thanks to Sam, Takuya and Hitomi, I got to have soba while doing my hair HAHAHA.

Ben, being disgusting as always.

After that, we went to shop around town and went to this shabu shabu shop near town!
The place is quite discreet so it's a good place to go if you want some privacy haha.

Mandy was sick because of his ice bucket challenge hahaha. Stupid ma? They don't dry themselves after the challenge?! Obviously you will fall sick?!

I was super tired yesterday also, which explains why I'm half dead right now. My whole body is EXTREMELY sore, I can't really walk. T _ T
I'm supposed to celebrate my friend's birthday today but I'm sitting here like a log 'cause I can't move. :(
Super guilt-ridden now.

Baaaaaack to the food, collar and belly pork for shabu shabu~

We called for Kimuchi soup base for a perk of spiciness. Love it!

The ginger + garlic taste in the soup base is very strong though.

We hung out around town after that. By hanging out I mean....we simply walked around town area a few times until we decided our legs are giving up.

So~~~ After a long decision, we headed to swee choon for supper and got to mustafa to shop around after that.

MY OOTD, dress from ShopSassyDream!

Credits to Ben the photographer LOL.

Being disgusting again behind me.

Supper was simple 'cause we were all quite full but we just wanted a few bites.

My must-order from Swee Choon is the drunken chicken!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! I'm not sure why but the alcohol taste in the chicken is SLURPS!!! *____*

Love. It.

That's all for the post~

Two more weeks to my internship. Two more weeks to my birthday. I'm not exactly sure if I should be excited for my birthday 'cause a day right after my birthday is my internship and I'm NOT looking forward to that AT ALL.

T _ T

Thanks for reading~~~~~~ xx

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