Family times.

Casual day out with my family~ :)

I really like going out with my family 'cause I can be myself all the time.
Acting like a kid when I feel like it, show my temper when I really need to hahahaha.

Outfit of the day is from ShopSassyDream once again!

We went to Toa Payoh to walk around before heading to expo for their digital/food exhibition~
Passed by this fast food restaurant called Yellow Submarine and I think their main concept is cheese 'cause everything on the menu has cheese haha.
My family said it was amazing the last time they tried it and told me I really have to try it!

I ordered this thing. Kindda resembles KFC's cheesy melts just that in my own opinion, it's a lot better. Actually it tastes different so I can't really compare. I got it in beef! Super nice, the beef is savoury sweet!
The cheese fries are to die for too!!! Love the cheese they use. Kindda like those mexican spicy cheese.

This is the "I am eating don't bother me" selca LOL.

You can see my invisalign box with my alpaca sticker one HAHA.

We headed to the digital electronic exhibition at expo and apparently nothing interest us so we went to the food expo and got some dinner.

Had my hood up to cover up my hair so it will not smell bad. The whole expo was full of smoke 'cause there were a lot of stalls grilling things.

My corn ice cream~~~~ I really wanted to try this the last time I was at Dongdaemun but there wasn't enough time for us so we didn't get to try it.

It's actually a really normal ice cream + corn snack hahahaha but it's interesting.

My hood-on style LOL. My mom say she can recognize me from afar 'cause of that. Cool or not.

My mama~ The lady behind my photos. (My sister too hahahaha) in case you're wondering who took all the pictures on my instagram/blog/twitter... It's my mom + sis!!!! :D

Soooo, that's all for this post.

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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  1. where are your wedges from? its soooo nice

  2. Nice! Pei Shi, I'm looking forward to your next video...Make one??