Nuffnang's Bloggerati

I am a Nuffnang Bloggerati!!! :D

There was an event for Nuffnang bloggerati the other day and I got to see lots of bloggers, those that I already know of, and some faces I've never met in person before.

My huge face to kick start this post LOL.

I went to CLEO Hair & Make to get my hair done before the event~ :)
Love how soft and bouncy my curls look for the night!!!!
Their treatment is really magical (Maybe Takuya's hands are magical too!), my hair always look SOOOO good.
That's why they say... Good hair days don't just come by LUCK!!!

Boss Ming's talk about Bloggerati! :)

A lot of things I've learned, a lot of things to keep in mind.

With Qiu jie. xD HAHAHA we were saying how Qiu Jie sounds like it's from some china/taiwan drama LOL.


With Ben and Ran who were like some business agents for the night.

MY OOTD for the night was slightly more to the casual side.
Romper dress from ShopSassyDream (again!) HAHA. I love their clothes 'cause most of them fits me like gloves!

Our OOTD, supposedly smart casual but idk why we look kindda appropriate for business meetings here. Maybe it's just the two guys beside me!

Mandy and I. xD

Ending off with the Nuffnang family! #Bloggerati ~ :)

Glad to be part of this journey.
Let's all work together as a community! ^_^

Thanks for reading! x

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