Fulfil your big eyes dream with AB double eyelid tapes!

Most of us has the same woes about our eyelids.
It can be UNEVEN double eyelids, TAPERED double eyelids making you look sleepy, SINGLE eyelids which is absolutely troublesome when it comes to putting makeup...

We all want to have those beautiful, perfect, double eyelids and it's always so difficult for us to achieve!

No worries here, we all have the same problem, most of us don't have the prettiest double eyelids we want.
None of us are born with perfect features, which explains why there are COSMETICS to help us! Lucky girls~

Thanks to AB Double Eyelid Tapes, we can all achieve the perfect double eyelid we want with just a few simple steps.

The other day, I attended an AB Double Eyelid Tape event with makeup artist, Kevin老师!
He taught us quite a lot that we did not know, and I found the event so entertaining with Kevin老师's sense of humour haha.

He tested the Mezical Fiber 2 on the model. It's the best tape for single eyelids!

This is the latest version of the Fiber Tape! I've tried the older version before, we had to pull it to a certain length before applying.
The new one saved us the hassle of pulling it to the perfect length because it's already made to the perfect size and thickness for application!

Kevin老师 said we should apply double eyelid tapes before we have ANY makeup on. This helps the double eyelid tapes to stay on.

He cleaned the model's eyelid to prepare for the application.

First, he look for the perfect spot for the Mezical Fiber to be applied on.
He paste it on the spot, using the stick provided and pushed the eyelid tape in place before cutting the excess off.


You might need to try a few times before finding the right spot for your Mezical Fiber to be on.

Kevin老师 also used this eyelash wick which you stick on your fake eyelash's stem.

I think this is good for people who has monolids which you just need false eyelashes to create double eyelids. It will help to create a deeper double eyelid!
On top of that, it saves you the hassle from drawing eyeliner. :D

He did a makeover for the model and she looked AMAZING after!

You can see how much of a change the double eyelid tape created.
Your eyes will look more open, more awake, and definitely more appealing. ;)

These are all AB's products for you to create the most beautiful double eyelids. :D
Kumiko Funayama from Popteen and Kevin老师 are their brand's ambassador!

Personally, although I don't apply double eyelid tapes on a daily basis, I do have a problem with my tapered eyelids!
They make me look less awake when I look up. :(
Tapered eyelids also tend to cover up my makeup on days when I feel like putting thicker makeup. Also, I cannot put false eyelashes because they make my eyes look smaller due to my eyelid.

So far, my favourite eyelid tape has got to be the double sided ones!!!

This is the double eye tape which has adhesive on both sides, top and bottom.

I will show you how I apply this on my eyes.

Usually, after putting double eyelid tapes, I will try on a thicker makeup. :D

If you're not into thicker makeup, you can just use a matte brown eyeshadow and apply it on your newly created double eyelids for a more deep-set look!
End if off with mascara and you're good to go!

For me, I tried on a thicker makeup!!! The good thing about deeper parallel eyelids is that we can try on many different looks~


I'm loving how the double eyelid tape is long lasting and leaves no residue on my eyes after removing them. There's no irritation on my skin too!
It's no wonder 9 out of 10 double eyelid tape users in Japan and Taiwan has converted to using AB!

With Kevin老师~!
AB will be having a "BEFORE and AFTER" contest for all of you!

There will be 3 lucky winners who will be picked by Kevin, and will walk away with the full range of AB product, $150 cash and Kevin ’s signed AB poster!

Contest period:
23rd June to 27th July

Full range of AB products(images of products), $150 cash and Kevin ’s signed AB poster.  (Worth over $280)!
Judge: Kevin

1. Send in your ‘Before and After’ photo of using double eyelid products and makeup with the template provided.

2. Hash tag #ABSingapore in your photo and ‘Like’ ‘AB MezicalFiber SG’ Facebook page in order to be eligible for the prizes.

3. 3 participants with the best and most drastic difference in their ‘Before & After’ photo will win the prize. 

Results will be released on 30th July!

Sounds really fun!!! :D

It will also be great to have your makeup skills acknowledged by a well known makeup artist, Kevin 师!!!


Just like what Kevin 师 mentioned at the event...


Everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways.  

Hope all of you get to have fun and find your OWN unique beauty. :D

Thanks for reading~ xx

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