So I tried to sing....


About a month back, I joined Hark Music for a 2 days expressway vocal course!

I was recommended by Chriz Tong (who I met after filming her MV 啡情歌!!!) to join the vocal course 'cause she heard some of my instavideos HAHAHAHA and I really like singing, I mean, who doesnt?!

I don't sing like a professional singer, I just sing for fun like we all always do, but there's no harm trying out vocal classes right?

I'm ready to be a better singer in the KTV LOL.

Me looking very serious trying to go through the lyrics on the first day!

The 2 days course was quick but I learn a lot about things I didn't know.
The first day was more theory-based, then the second day is more to application on one of our favourite songs. :D
We have about a day to prepare for our breakthrough performance on the final day, where we showcase and apply what we have learned.

Doing Diaphragmatic breathing exercises hahaha.

I'm surprised there's so many techniques when it comes to singing hahaha! Usually I just let the voice out of my body like it's not a big deal. No wonder there's such a huge difference between professional singers and us who like to do it anyhow LOL.

The good thing is that with all these techniques, we can sing properly and help protect our voices too!

At the breakthrough performance, with my family at the back HAHAHA.

And that's me singing! It's super super nerve-wrecking on the stage so I personally thought I did better off stage HAHAHA. xD

It was a really good experience in this two-days expressway vocal course 'cause I got to learn so much about singing, and also get to sing on a stage with audiences. :D Never thought I could've done it though haha. The coaches are amazing people with brilliant voices, if you're looking for improvement in singing and learn more about techniques, you can join them in this expressway course too!

You can join their expressway course and quote SPEISHI for $80 off. :)

That's all for this post! :D

Thanks for reading~ xx

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