Tricked my eyes


Some of you wanted me to blog about my trip to the Trick Eye Museum so here it is!
I was invited over on the day of the launch, thank you Trick Eye Museum!

I heard Trick Eye Museum is really popular in Korea so I really wanted to visit it when it's out in Singapore.

I queued for about 30 minutes for the entrance though, few weeks later, my friends told me they had to queue for 4 hours wtf. O_O
Not sure if it's really really that bad but I guess you can try to go on non-peak hours, or get the tickets first and check if the queue is long. If it is, you can perhaps go chill somewhere else first!

Here are some pictures I took in the museum~

The pictures all turned out really nice but if the museum is crowded, you have to snap pictures ASAP lol.

Also, if you're out with a friend, you might want to find a stranger to help you snap some pictures together haha. It's a little bit awkward to pose in front of strangers but still, FOR A NICE PICTURE, ANYTHING IS WORTH TRYING!

I went with my little sister!

I took almost 200 pictures so it's really difficult for me to show you everything HAHAHA. I took a few for each picture.
My advice is to trying doing about 2-3 different poses for each picture. You can always choose the better one later~

That's all for this post~

Thanks for reading! ^^

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