Trip to Korea - Day 3

여러분 안녕하세요~
Yerobun Annyeonghasehyo!

We woke up at Gyeongju's resort (I don't remember which hotel I stayed in lol my bad).
I really like the hotel at Gyeongju more than the one we're staying in Seoul because it's a lot bigger, plus there are a lot of facilities around.
There's a huge lake near our hotel so you get to have a fantastic view if you're lucky enough to have your room facing the lake.
At the basement of our hotel, there are a lot of shops, a mart, and also an arcade. Pretty satisfying for a night haha.

So yeah, outfit for the third day!

I think we didn't really get to do a lot of things on the second and third day because we're on the bus most of the time since Gyeongju and Seoul is about 3-4 hours apart.

Anyway, my favourite outfit is on the third day so I'll share with you where I got them from.

Beanie from Taobao.
Jacket from Stradivarius.
Top from ShopSassyDream.
Pants from Stradivarius.
Shoes from Converse.
Socks from H&M.

As always (perhaps in Korea all the time hahaha), the perfect lighting for pictures!!!

And here is a whole chunk of necessary but excessive selcas LOL.

Also forcefully want my friends to be part of the picture although they aren't ready for my camera lol.

And a selfie with the floor.

And one with my friends.

There is this pretty cherry blossom tree right outside and I thought it really needed a picture but first...



Honestly, it looks quite dull and boring standing there alone.

Last one for now.

We got to the cafeteria for breakfast.

I'm very happy because they have seaweed soup!!!! ^_^

I thought they will provide us with massive korean style breakfast but it didn't turn out so (for both the hotel at Gyeongju and Seoul) but it's still good enough. Anyway, I prefer Gyeongju's hotel breakfast compared to the hotel we stayed at Seoul. T _ T It's a pity we're only at Gyeongju's resort for a night.

My style. Kimchi and egg lol.

After our breakfast, we visited this place called Skylake. Apparently, they create cosmetics and skincare using natural ingredients that are consumable.

I slept throughout the bus ride over so I'm not exactly sure where I was HAHAHA but I'm guessing we're probably at the mid area of a mountain?

Looks like it right? I really like it there though!!! Very peaceful and the weather there is perfection.

A lot of us were saying we'll want to go back to 养老 LOL.  Next time when we're old and grumpy, we want to head back to that area.

We were there to make shampoos and soaps!

Surprisingly (or not), the shampoo is so difficult to make. There are so many steps!!!!

End result! Why am I not surprised that my soap turn out this bad.

I haven't got to try my shampoo 'cause I'm quite attached to my Mucota shampoo from CLEO hahaha but I heard it helps to control hair fall! Maybe I can get my dad to try it out first. :D

After making soap and shampoo, Skylake prepared very nice tea and sweets at this traditional teahouse.

I AM SO HAPPY. I kindda have this fetish over traditional teahouses lol. Feels like I'm roleplaying in Joseon dynasty or something.

I think I was the only one who was excited over these rice cakes, persimmons and tea because the rest of the girls scattered off to the retail area. xD

So yeah, like some old lady, I decided to sit there and enjoy my tea with some rice cakes while looking at my granddaughters splurging on Skylake's products.
I finished two servings of rice cakes and almost the whole pot of tea by the way.

We headed to this restaurant nearby after that for our lunch.

Again, I was damn excited because...


One thing I love about Korean cuisine is that they always have so many side dishes!
I'm quite picky when it comes to eating, like I wouldn't be able to stand eating a type of food for long. When I have rice, I want to have lots of side dishes to eat with so I won't get bored of my food so quickly.

I didn't finish my food though. More specifically speaking, I only had about five spoons of bibimbap before I teared up lol.
I'm not sure where exactly the stench came from but this HORRIBLE stench hit me all of a sudden and I just couldn't force myself to eat. It felt like my stomach turned upside down and I want to puke all the food I had in my stomach right away.
I forced my food in, still, and I teared up immediately because it was SO HARD to swallow. T _ T


Yeap, we are not fated to meet, bibimbap.

Anyway, the view outside the restaurant is a breathtaking one.

Can't really show how beautiful it was through this picture but it was really nice!!!

We took a 3-4 hours bus ride back to Seoul.

Han River! Very happy to see this because it means I endured the 3-4 hours bus ride and I'm back in Seoul LOL.

We visited the Jimjilbang at the Dragon Hill spa if I don't remember wrongly! I didn't try the hot spring one since we had to go all naked lol so I went to the dry sauna but DAMN WAS IT AMAZING.

My favourite sauna room has got to be the salt one! We get to lie on the salt stone, it was super relaxing and my sore arms felt so much better after!

The best part of being in a jimjilbang is to eat the eggs and drink that rice punch~!! Super yummy and shiok to lie on the heated floor and eat all these while watching RM on the TV hahaha.
I really want to go back~~~~

Also got to see the anpanman machine as made famous by choo sarang HAHAHA.

Dinner for the third day is Seafood stew!!!!

The soup base is so sweet!!!


Aaaaand yeah that's all for the third day! We did a lot more on the fourth day since we didn't have to spend so much time travelling on the bus.

See you on the next post~

Thanks for reading! xx

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  1. Hii peishi, may I know what camera you used ? :))