Garnier Sakura White Hydration Booster

Do you have skin problems that you wish will be gone right away?

I absolutely hate DRY, DULL AND YELLOW skin!

I really envy those K-drama's actresses with such bouncy and dewy skin! I want their fair, rosy, glowing skin too!

I've tried so many things for my skin to get more hydrated but even drinking a lot of water didn't really help solve my skin problem. :(

Dry skin is such a pain!
 If it gets too dry, it cracks up and hurt so much. Dry skin makes it difficult for me to apply makeup too!

Fortunately, GARNIER introduces the new Sakura White Hydration Booster, a new addition to Garnier's best-selling Sakura White range!

Rosy, radiant, baby skin? Garnier Sakura White Hydration Booster gives you all that you asked for!

Apparently, Garnier Sakura White Hydration Booster contains two key ingredients, Super Hydrating Gel and Sakura Extracts!

Garnier carefully selected the Sakura Extracts strictly from Shikoku and Okayama in Japan, where the warm weather and fertile soil provide the best conditions for Sakura blossoming.
It is a potent ingredient that is a secret to ROSY, RADIANT skin!

In just 4 weeks, you get rosy, glowing and soft skin! ^_^

Super Hydrating Gel in this formula keeps your skin hydrated and plump for up to 24 hours!
Yay to dewy skin for the entire day!

There are also Vitamin B3 and CG which helps to nourish your skin deeply, lighten skin tone and dark spots, refine skin texture, and reduce appearance of pores!!! :O

The unique formula contains 5000 Sakura Pearls that captures maximum concentration of Sakura Extract!

Check out the tiny Sakura Pearls!

These tiny Sakura Pearls burst upon application and blend with the super hydrating gel!

Can you see how hydrating it looks?

It hydrates and transforms dull yellowish skin to the pinkish hydrated rosy glow!
It's amazing as Garnier Sakura White Hydration Booster gives us both the benefit of hydration and radiance!

I LOVE how the product smells!!! It's like Sakura flowers blooming~

Garnier Sakura White Hydration Booster can be used along with their popular Sakura White range!
The Sakura White range is dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

You can use the hydration booster with your current daily skin care regime as well! It should be used after cleansing and lotions, prior to moisturiser, day cream or night cream. :)

Now we can all have bouncy, glowing and rosy baby skin thanks to Garnier Sakura White Hydration Booster!

The whole Sakura White range is going on 20% discount during this period of April!

The new Sakura White Hydration Booster is available at all Watsons, Guardian and major supermarkets. It retails at $22.90! :)

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