Trip to Korea - Day 1 & 2

Hello everyone!

Finally made my dream come true by visiting one of my favourite places on earth, KOREA!!!

I've been wanting to visit South Korea since I was a little kid. I remember watching 'Stairway to Heaven' and have always been anticipating to visit Lotte World hahaha. 
Anyway, Hallyu wave is crazy almost everywhere so I WANT TO VISIT KOREA at least once in my life!

I flew to South Korea for 5D4N with my school for a study trip so we didn't really get to play as much as we want to. Most of the things were planned so we kindda just followed the schedule. 

Brunch on flight for the first day. :) 

Went through a brief talk about healthcare tourism in Korea and got myself a BANANA MILK!!!

Every time I visit a different country, their convenience store is the FIRST place I want to visit!!! They have so many different things compared to what we have here in Singapore omgggg. *_* 
I would've bought everything down if I could haha.

Their popular banana milk! It tastes the same as the Binggrae banana milk we have in Singapore, just that the packaging is different. 

My partner for 5 days, Yolanda. :D

We didn't get to do a lot of things on the first day since we touched down at about late afternoon.

Fast forward to the dinner on the first day....

Always wanted to try 'cause I always see this on the TV!

It was pretty good but I'm quite surprised that the soup base itself doesn't have the ginseng taste haha. The ginseng taste is inside the chicken because they stuffed glutinous rice and ginseng in the chicken.

It was so filling though!!! 

Passed by a lot of shopping malls when we're on our way to the hotel.
Kim Soo Hyun was everywhere!!!
Ah alien brother hahaha.

We stayed at Golden Forest Residence, somewhere near Dapsimni station. 
I wouldn't say it's a very convenient place though HAHAHA 'cause it's kind of empty there at night, but if you walk a distance away, there's this street selling quite a lot of things called Yongdap. 

I was quite desperate to try Korea's ddeokbokki and oden so I was damn happy when we chanced upon this shop!!!

Their fish cake stick is damnnnnnn good omg that soup base. *_*

Oh oh and apparently Paris Baguette is quite common around Seoul and they sell so many yummy pastries that our Paris Baguette don't sell!!! They have popsicles and cakes and cookies and all that. 

Got myself this banana cake that tastes a lot like Tokyo Banana for about 1500won. :)

The next day...

On the second day, we got to take a super long bus ride to Gyeongju! 

The lighting in the morning is extremely good for pictures there!!!! 

With our touring manager who I happen to meet during casting for ABTM with Noah and Rachell hahaha such coincidence!!! I was thinking why she looked so familiar!!! 

And so the very very long bus ride begins. T _ T It' s about 3-4 hours away.

We stopped at a resting station for lunch and my friends were saying that this resting station is the place where Running Man filmed an episode with GD.

I can't really remember but HEY IT'S A RESTING STATION and I know RM filmed a lot around resting stations haha so YAY.

Udon for lunch was meh.

And there was this area with a lot of street snacks!!! Was so excited to try them out but the food looked really cold and boring so I didn't buy much.

The potatoes that Jihyo loves. xD

And my very yummy yet cold cuttlefish. 

I also got to try this popular ice cream in Korea hahaha. Everything popular I must try because #kiasu.

It was really good though!!!!! We gotta wait quite a while for it to melt a little before eating and I had it in the bus so I didn't die from the cold.

Finally reached Daegu area and we made a visit to this herb museum.

A very pretty old church beside the museum.

O_O Very very nice.

Some (actually just two) pictures from the museum.

After walking around, there was this foot spa waiting for us...

The foot spa is supposed to be very comfortable since the weather outside is so cold (about 15 degrees celsius) but we were all freaked out by how hot the water is HAHAHA. It's about 43 degrees celsius if I'm not wrong.

It burns when I first put my feet in but after a while it gets a little more comfortable.

Anyway, check out how my feet look after the treatment......

Red and bloated hahaha. I was damn shocked by how swollen my feet was. xD 
Some dead skin fell off so I guess the treatment worked well!

After that, we walked around the retail area and I bought some red ginseng tea. 
There's this herb medicine or something on the table and it's free la so we all got very kiasu and drank a lot of it. 

HAHA it didn't taste very good but since it's good for the body....might as well!

Dinner for Day Two was Pork Cutlet. 
It was good for a pork cutlet but I'm not a fan of fried food so I didn't really like it.

We went to shop around that area and went to our hotel at Gyeongju! ^_^

That's all for Day One and Two! 

Will blog about Day Three, Four and Five when I'm as free as today HAHAHA. 

Thanks for reading! xx

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