Advertorial: Sassy Dream

One of my favourite local online stores that I've made lots of visits has got to be...

Sassy Dream!!! :D

The first time they sponsored me some apparels, I was so happy with their apparels I got back to buy a dress for CNY haha.
I remember their romper fits me so well I LOVEEEE IT.

Check out some of the clothes Sassy Dream sent me this time round!!!

The self-tye checkered skorts is really one of a kind!!! It's actually a pair of shorts, but from the back it looks like a skirt. The front part of the skorts has these 'sleeves' thingy that we tie ourselves.

Super cute and creative!

I like the baseball shirt so much too!!!

Anyway, the skorts accentuate your legs and make them look slimmer too!!! ^_^

The gigi plaid zipper dress has this wool material so it's a lot thicker than usual cotton dress.

AND I'm a huge fan of the colour burgundy so the burgundy maple knit cardigan is a MUST GET for me! *_*

A new collection has been launched on SHOPSASSYDREAM.COM on 20th March, do check them out before they are all sold out~ :D

Quote "SPEISHI10" and get 10% off purchases from now till the end of April!

They have so many pretty clothes, hope you don't get too confused on which to get (else just get all of them since you can quote "speishi10" for discount haha)!

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  1. pretty speishi , what camera you using ? You're so gorgeous !