SNSD Taeyeon Mr.Mr. Inspired Makeup

Spent the entire day filming and taking pictures for adverts.

My camera was being such a douchebag!!! Not sure what's wrong with it but it kept stopping when I was filming and it claimed that my memory card is full.
So I used up 2 of my 8GB SD cards wtf. I don't remember my video sizes are that huge even if I set it to the best quality.

Anyway, I took about two to three hours filming and another 30 minutes taking pictures for advertorials.
Finally got to edit the video AND my Final Cut Pro X failed on me.
I can't get it to render and export. I'm thinking it's my camera's problem so I used my other camera and filmed the edited version of my video via the preview section.

Luckily the video turns out fine, although I'm really anal about having high quality videos...


Here's my video! Hope you like it because really.... a lot of effort for one person...and my lovely mom.

Products used:

Innisfree Moisture Foundation
Mac Studio Finish Concealer
Mac Studio Fix Face Powder
Innisfree Eyebrow Pencil
Kate Eyebrow Powder
Dollywink Eyeshadow in 02
Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Colorshow in Cocoa Brown
Maybelline Colorshow in Black
Maybelline Blush 'em blusher in 03 I'm Pop
Benefit High Beam
Bubbi Complete Brush Set (

I really like the Bubbi Brushes!!! :D
The bristles are very soft and I took quite a while powdering my face because the powder brush is damn soft and comfortable to use HAHAHAHA.

Just a disclaimer though, I really like Mr.Mr.'s makeup because it's quite do-able, and probably even suitable for daily use if we tone down the red lipstick.
NOT doing it because I think I look like Taeyeon or anything.
The reason why I chose to do Taeyeon's look is because she has bangs, and I do, which makes the look easier for me to achieve lol. And her poster makeup is very nice.
But after comparing, I think all of them has similar makeup on for that scene so it really depends on how you look.

I didn't change my features or anything (with makeup) in the video just to look like her.

Felt the need to explain since some people made such a huge fuss on my instagram (??) and I find really find it quite hilarious and dumb.

Thanks for watching, if you did! :)

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