My experience with IDS Skincare

About a month back, I visited my favourite clinic with my #LapsupSwag for consultation!

My face without base makeup.

My forehead has the most problem but you can't really see because I have my fringe covering all the time (which contributes to why there are so many problems on my forehead lol)

So here are my biggest concern for my skin!!! (Sorry I'll have to scare you)

I used to have occasional breakouts on my entire forehead but they are all gone after using products. Since I've been skipping my products for months, my breakouts got worse and grew back around my hairline!!!
Can't blame the hormones you know, I'm only 18 going on 19 LOL.

I have freckles around my face and no products really helped so they just stayed and I THINK grew more obvious recently since I got whiter.

Also some blackheads and large pores since I didn't use any products to help control my sebum.

I do have a problem with dry skin as well but you can't tell in pictures. :O

So after consultation, I was given a series of products suitable for my skin type and specially for my concerns.

From right to left...
Toner (Spray type) - SUPER love how it's spray type so I don't need to use cotton pads hahaha.
Pore - For pores/blackheads
C+ - Vitamin C for radiant, glowing skin (My favourite product)
A+ - Vitamin A
OM - Moisturizer
Sunscreen - Love the velvety finish, not oily at all
Spot - The packaging is so creative! For acne.

Will be making a video to explain my current skin care routine so do wait for that! ^_^

They also provided us with this booklet so we won't forget which step comes first. I don't need this anymore since I can already remember the steps haha.

Anyway, this is my forehead NOW (taken a few days ago).

I don't have a picture of my full face because I just did a LASER TREATMENT to remove my freckles!!!
I have to say my pores definitely got more refined and my skin is glowing! :D
I will write up a post after I recover from the laser treatment and show you how my skin looks like now~

As you can see from my forehead, the major problems like break outs are all cleared (except a little bit of acne scars here and there)!
I think this clinic is pretty good at treating acne problems. Their products are amazing for acnes!!!
I'm very happy at the result because my forehead used to be overcrowded with pimples and it's so ugly. :(

Will do up another post for the laser treatment soon so do wait for the final result!!!! :D

Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. Quote ur name to the consultant?

  2. Quote ur name to the consultant??

  3. Hi Peishi, do you know how much it is to have a skin treatment there? The price range.

  4. Is it better than drx clinic

  5. Hey, how much is the price range for the products? :)

  6. For more information regarding acne treatments in delhi Please visit:

  7. Hi your skin looks fab after using the products! May I know what is the price range for IDS clinic? Thank you! :)