Trip to Korea - Day 4 & 5

I'm feeling kindda sleepy now but also quite excited to write about my day four in Korea! :D
Although I really dread typing a lot, I actually hope I have ten more other days to blog about for my trip to Korea.

So anyway, the fourth day in Korea!

We visited the popular Hanok Village! Quite fascinated because the houses are so pretty and traditional.
Reminds me of dramas like Personal Taste and Heartstrings!
Heard Personal Taste was filmed there! DOES THAT MEAN I'M WALKING THE ROAD LEE MIN HO WALKED?! LOL *hyperventilates* kidding.

The traditional houses all have this high-tech door knob attached to them already. Not sure what that high-tech door knob thing is called LOL.

It's really very very pretty there! I want to stop at every corner and take some pictures but too bad I'm following a guide so I can't just stop everywhere.

After walking up the whole village, we got to catch this amazing view from the top.

I love how the chilly weather made every view look so pretty!

Selcas with touring buddies for 5 days! :D

Saw this house with beautiful cherry blossoms growing out from it so I couldn't resist and snapped a few pictures! Too pretty.

Looks like we took this right out of some dramas isn't it?!

While we were walking to the Blue House, I saw this cute dog which kind of resembles Hachiko HAHAHA. The old granny and her dog looks so much like the ones in some Japanese or Korean movie? You know, those with a very touching storyline.

Halmoni, I just took a picture of you and your dog and it's very movie-poster-worthy!!! HAHA.

I told my friend I thought these gloomy trees look really pretty and I kind of prefer them like this more than being green and healthy LOL.
Maybe 'cause back in Singapore we have so many green trees I'm kind of bored of them already. These gloomy trees tell me that I'm in a different country!

The gate right opposite the Blue House.

It's the office and residence of Korea's Head of State.
I think I saw it on the show Yoona acted in called "Prime minister and I"? Hope I didn't get it wrong hahaha.
The guards around the Blue House looked really scary with their shades on. Totally expressionless.

We left for the Korean Cultural Centre after that! :D

My melon milk and I! I find this really good, surprisingly! :O Hope it's selling in Singapore 'cause I'm kindda craving for it now!

We made our own Kimchi at the Korean Cultural Centre! HAHA honestly we didn't really 'make' our own kimchi. We just got to smear the 'already-made-sauce' on the cabbage, also didn't get to bring our kimchi home. They donated the kimchi we made.

Got to try on hanbok for some pictures! Anyway, the Korean Cultural Centre was super crowded 'cause our schedule clashed with a group of China tourist and it was so annoying because the place isn't that big and everybody wants to try on the hanbok.
I queued at the adults section and apparently their hanbok ran out of my size and I got thrown to the kids section with my other friend. I was quite happy though, at least I didn't have to squeeze with all the other tourists.
I had to squeeze into a hanbok that I can't fit because the ajummas are all in a rush and forcefully want the hanbok to fit me. Luckily, this young man got me another hanbok (the one I got to wear in the picture) that fits me!!

Whatever it is, SWAG CHECKED.

My hanbok is different from the rest hahaha.

And here is the very demure me trying to pour you a cup of tea.

So...lunch for the fourth day was some shabu shabu!!

It's my favourite meal for the entire trip! Maybe 'cause I was starving but I ate one and a half bowl of rice LOL.

The side dishes....yummy~

After lunch, we headed to this place, or perhaps, took a time machine back to the Joseon dynasty LOL.

Not exactly sure where I went but it's another pretty village!

With very pretty cherry blossoms!

We had a free check-up by the sinseh and everybody got treatment done right at the spot. The treatment is done by putting this plaster with a very tiny needle on the right acupoint of your ear.
I have no problems so I didn't get to try the treatment (PHEW I ALMOST DIED I WAS SO SCARED)!
The sinseh told me that I can eat more aloe to increase my appetite to help solve my underweight issues. :D Good thing I love aloe.

That day we got to try rice wine facial at a skin clinic in Myeongdong too!

Dinner for the fourth day was Samgyupsal!!!!

DAMN FILLING because we were so kiasu since the pork was free flow.

After dinner, we stopped at Myeongdong for shopping, and sadly, I didn't get to buy a lot of things and I fell sick that night. -_-

Got to see Droptop cafe!!! Droptop cafe appeared in a lot of drama before so it's quite fascinating to see (I think 'cause they are damn rich and they sponsored a lot of dramas haha).

It's not the same outlet as the ones in the dramas though. But still as fascinating to me!!!!

For the last day in Korea...

We visited Skinanniversay near Incheon!

We weren't given enough time to walk around but I managed to run through their hallyu teddy bear museum hahaha. Check out their SNSD bears.

Tell me your wish. *does crazy leg dance*

We got to do some facial at SkinAnniversay so I removed all my makeup and didn't bother to put them back.

Anyway, Korea has amazing strawberries and they are all freaking sweet!!!
Bought mine with my friend for 7000won near our hotel. Apparently we got cheated by that halmoni because everywhere else is selling at less than 5000won.
Luckily it's a granny and the strawberries tasted pretty good.

Got to Incheon International Airport and HOME SWEET HOME!!

For once I wasn't dreading to go home because I really missed home. I think it was because I fell sick and felt very sad and lonely. :(
It only hit me after my fever subsided that I WANT TO GO BACK TO KOREA and do so many things I didn't get to do.

Can't wait to go back to Korea! Free and easy touring is still the best 'cause we get to do everything we want to. I just want to chill at some cafes and shop at their supermarkets!!!!

I miss their convenience shop! They have soooo many yummy things we don't have here pft.



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  1. Peishi,
    Thanks for sharing all these awesome photos of your Korea trip :D I don't have much money to travel, so I always love reading about your adventures. That shabu shabu looks nom *-* and your hanbok has so much swag lololol

  2. may i ask where is your green checkered dress above from?

  3. hi there peishi don't mind me asking i was just : curious
    i just wanted to know : how old are u actually cause you kind of don' t look your age

  4. While googling, I got awesome blog! nice post . I'm korean and in my opinion, your trip was such nice one