CNY 2014

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you! :D

How is your CNY going?

I can't deny the fact that one of my favourite holidays apart from Christmas is definitely Chinese New Year! It's the time we get ang paos, gamble, talk to our relatives that we haven't met for really really long, find time to gather together and have fun and etceteras!
I also have to admit that it is getting boring every year.

I know it's all about how we see it in the end, also wouldn't deny that I had lots of fun despite the boredom!

Hope your CNY wasn't a bad one!

As usual, my family and I went to Malaysia for CNY since all my relatives are there.
My parents were Malaysians, so that made me a PR when I was born (in Spore), and we got switched to Spore Citizen when I was 11. Hope that clears your doubts! HAHA.

Day one of CNY was as per normal. We visited temples with my dad for blessings.
I'm a free thinker so I go anywhere since I can!

Make up of the day was very simple too!
Tried going the very feminine look la HAHAHA since CNY I must be a little more unique, and this isn't the usual way I will dress.

Even matched my outfit with a cute little pony case. Will update on my instagram on where you can get this!

We went to walk around at the new mall at Kulai called AEON!
Grabbed a quick lunch at Kenny Rogers! :)

Met my buddy Doreamon too! HAHAHA.

After that, we went to my grannie's place. Aaaand that's pretty much all haha. xD

Special feature of my outfit of day one since I rarely posts OOTD shots hahahaha.

Dress from an online blogshop. 
Shoes from Steve Madden.
Bag from Carlo Rino.
Earrings (can see from the upclose shots) from JRunway.

Soooooo for Day Two, I went to my grannie's place for a visit again haha.

Gamble a bit, rot a bit, talk a bit.

My outfit for day two!

Top from Stradivarius.
Necklace from Forever21.
Skirt from Taobao.
Shoes from Steve Madden. 

After the visit, we had a reunion dinner with my relatives and grandma.


My lovely family and relatives. :)

That's all for my first two days of CNY!

Hope you had a great time! Enjoy this joyful holiday as much as you can! ^_^


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  1. Cute and pretty! (: How I wish I can be just like you. (: Maybe do a shoutout for me? (: (: Do visit it too! (: Thanks! (:

  2. Love ur blog style!!
    Happy New Year =]

    Nice pics and cute posts

    Would u mind to visit my blog
    Im a new blogger

    Maybe follow each other blog? if u like to


  3. Hello peishi. Have been a frequent reader of your blog but recently chanced upon your instagram where you did an advertorial for the shop that you got the pony case from. Was a little worried as i have bought from her before since last november but i have yet to receive my items and was blocked by her on all her social networks. Just wanted to tell you that. Im am not requesting for anything as im worried she might do the same to other customers as well. Thank you.

  4. Hi Peishi , may i know what camera are you using to take selfies ? :D

  5. Hi Peishi,

    You mentioned that your top is from Stradivarius. May I know what sizing do you wear at Stradivarius? I'm slightly bigger than you but their tops are always too big for me. How do you wear the top w/o looking that the top is overwhelming you?


  6. Happy Chinese New Year (belated) to you too. Your pictures are awesome, keep posting.