Advertorial - Blink Mints

I go anywhere with a packet of mints with me.
Why? To have a fresher breath, of course!
I'm very anal about bad breath so I HAVE to make sure my breath smells right all the time.
And what's the most convenient thing to have around that will freshen up your breath instantly?

Mints are the best thing you can have around to break the ice between you and a new friend as well!

Blink Mints sent me some mints and I was so excited to try them out once I see the packaging!

Look at the designs on these mints!

Blink Mints comes in 5 different flavours, and each flavour comes in 4 different designs! :D
We get to choose the perfect design that suits our style.

Since there are so many designs to choose from, we get to match each Blink Mints to our style for our outfit of the day~

Blackcurrant Flavoured Blink Mints with my laid-back casual look.

Cola flavoured Blink Mints with my classy dress.

PeachBerry Flavoured Blink Mints with my cuddly warm day look.

MangoPassion Flavoured Blink Mints with my formal look.

And GreenApple Flavoured Blink Mints with my street style look!!!

Look at the design!!! There's a little rhinestone too, how cute!

Blink Mints are MADE IN GERMANY so they are high quality mints!
On top of that, they are sugarfree, low calorie and healthy.
For the health conscious, you can have Blink Mints for all you want~ :D

I've tried all the Blink Mints and my favourite is the PeachBerry Flavoured one. :)

Blink Mints doesn't only taste good, but they can be such pretty fashion accessory as well.
The box is compact so it fits your pocket! Do you hear me, boys? :D You don't need a bag to fit these mints!

Each Blink Mints is retailing at $2.80 and you can get them from...

NTUC FairPrice Stores
Selected Watson's Stores
Guardian Stores
SPC Service Stations
Selected Caltex Kiosks

Check out Blink Mints TVC!


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  1. Tried the Blink Mints when it was out last year. Like the Cola flavour as I'm more of a Cola person