Innisfree haul

I've been loving this korean cosmetics/skin care brand called Innisfree so much lately!
In case you have no idea what this brand is, they are famous for their 'all natural' and 'eco friendly' products - flown all the way from Jeju Island! They also have Lee Min Ho and Yoona as their endorser, and I love them both very much!

What caught my eyes were the words "ALL NATURAL FROM JEJU" hahaha. For some reason it feels like it's very soothing and light for my skin since they are all natural haha!

I'm not paid for this post by the way, all the products are purchased with my very own money, other than the ones mentioned that were sent from Innisfree for review purposes~
I just personally really like this brand! ^_^

Anyway, months back, they sent me their top products!

I've tried the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and so far, there's no very obvious effect but it does help tighten my pores!
The Green Tea Seed Serum is also their top product! I've tried it once and I thought it really gave my skin a very hydrating feeling.

The good thing about Innisfree products is that they are all very very affordable!

Got myself this Green Tea Mineral Mist at $8!
I wanted to get this because when I went for the Lee Min Ho media conference with Innisfree, I saw Lee Min Ho use it in one of the videos HAHAHAHA.

I really wanted to get myself a BB cushion because I've heard how easy it is to use this product!
Got two from Innisfree for $34 each! A tad bit pricier but I tried it and I really like the result!
It's not super long lasting though, didn't last me throughout the entire day in school even after setting with powder. But the natural dewy finish is SOOOOO pretty!
Down side is the smell, but bearable.

I bought the #1 shade, and got my mom the #3 shade. :)

Also got myself all these!!!

Cherry Lip Tint for $7
Clear Lip Gloss for $19 (I think)
Eyebrow Pencil for $5

Very affordable!

I don't like the seal for the products because they leave these ugly marks on my pretty cosmetics after removing. T _ T

Anyway, I really like the eyebrow pencil for the very natural finish, although it's quite sad that they only come in 3 shades. This shade is a tad bit too dark for my hair but still alright if you see it in person haha. My friends told me they look pretty! ^_^

Bought a foundation because I swatched it on my hand and it gave this super moisturizing and dewy glow! Also heard some Korean makeup artist rave about this product so I thought I should try it!
$30 for this~ I got the W1 shade.

There were so many free gifts if we purchase more than a certain amount of $!
I received LMH's postcards, 3 sheet masks, face wipes and a water bottle!

I LOVE THE WATER BOTTLE OMG. I saw it on their FB page and was raving to Rachell about it and we're both like, THAT'S IT, WE GON' GET IT!!!!


I love the fat horse - it's the jeju horse if I'm not wrong hahaha.

Comes in this sock thing, it's way too cute!


They will be sending me another two products from their top sellers so I can't wait to talk to you about them!!! :D

Thanks for reading~

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  1. Hi Pei Shi :)
    Please review the innisfree foundation ^^

  2. I love all of Innisfree's products!


  4. The water bottle is so cute! I hope you would do a review on the green tea serum ^^ and also the mineral foundation!