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Just about few months back, I got invited by TW Magic Shop (FAR EAST PLAZA #01-83) as their guest to do some makeover for my readers!

I did a quick contest on Twitter to choose two winners, if you still remember!

Anyway, the event was pretty fun since I got to do makeup on my pretty readers haha, thank you so much for trusting my skills. xD

Just in case you're wondering what Magic Shop is...
It's a Taiwan based cosmetic brand and is pretty popular, being mentioned in tons of magazines, newspapers and shows like Apply Daily, Nv Ren Wo Zui Da (highly recommended by Taiwanese Makeup Guru, Kelvin!!!), Teenage magazine and U magazine!

The unique thing about their makeup range is that they can combine and give a different effect! Also, the products do work like MAGIC on our faces, making us prettier than we already are. :D

Some of their base cosmetics are highly raved by many!

My first reader to arrive for her makeover! 
She's really young so I decided to do a simple light makeup for her.

The foundation I've used on her skin!
UV Expert Serum SPF 30 PA+++ (comes in 4 shades)
The texture is very light so it wouldn't feel that thick on the face. 
Application is really simple as well. 

My very serious face while working on her face hahaha.

Also very serious when it comes to choosing products because their products all look really pretty, I have no idea which one to use. T _ T

Some of the products I've used on her face...

3 Tone Brown eyeshadow, 36 hours Waterproof Eyeliner, Fibre Mascara and Shimmer White Eyeliner!

I like how easy it is to use the eyeliner! The thin tip of the eyeliner makes a very precise line on the eye!

Translucent highlight powder, Red lipstick in No. 05 and Champagne Rose Blusher!

End result!!! :D
Do you like it? 

Super adorable! ^_^

Since I've done the sweeter look for the first, I've decided to do a thicker makeup on my next reader~

Also very pretty without makeup already! 

I've used the same cosmetics for her, just that instead of brown eyeshadow, I've used the black one. :)

It's slightly darker than the previous makeup but it does suit her tan skin pretty well! ^_^

End result! 
I hope you like it as much as I do! :D

With the very pretty shop owners! ^_^ Thank you so much for having me!

TW Magic Shop gave me a few items to try out after the event. I was so excited to try them out because after their explanation of the products, I am quite amazed by how they work. 
On top of that, most of their products have natural flower extract which made their products smell really good. 
Since the products have natural flower extract, it sounds like it will be very light and soothing on my skin! 

This works as a gentle exfoliator! 
If you hate having those sand rubbing against your face, you can give this a try. 

Your dead skin cells comes off as flakes and your skin will feel sooo clean after using!

This lip stain is the BOMB.
I've been looking for the best lip stain that will last me forever because I hate reapplying lipsticks over and over. 
This lasts me a whole day and gives a really nice natural pink. You can cheat a bit and tell people it's your real lip colour. Bet they will believe it!

It is enriched with Vitamin E and Cherry Blossom Extracts. On top of that, it has no paraben added!
You can wear this to sleep and wake up to beautiful rosy lips as no removal is needed.

If you have decoloration in your lips, this can be of much help.

Their makeup remover smells so good because of the cherry blossom extract!
No alcohol is added as well. :D
I've tried it and it works really well at removing makeup. Thanks to it, removing makeup is such a breeze~

This is their star product and is raved everywhere! If you're a person who loves flawless, porcelain skin, you need to get one of this.
After application, your skin will be more refined, smooth and matte. It also helps lock in your moisturiser! So much goodness in a bottle!

Two of the products I'm using and is loving!!!

They also have a wide range of nail polishes
(more than 60 colours!)
PROMOTION at $3.90 each,

And they have their PREMIUM SPARKLING RANGE!

A little bit on Magic Shop's on the news and magazines...

That's all for this post~


Singapore 228213

Enquiries: 67323137
Whatsapp: 97217789

(LIKE their facebook and quote PEISHI to get a 10% off, promotion ends 31st march 14)

(Free local normal postage for a limited time only)

Thanks for reading! xx

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