Walk down the memory lane - 2013

To sum up 2013, it was one fantastic year as always, and definitely a very quick one because it passed by so quickly. I can't believe that today's the end of 2013.

As always, I've prepared a post for the last day of the year to sum up what I've done in these 12 months. Hopefully I'll feel a lot more grateful after knowing what I've achieved so far!

I found a picture of myself 12 months ago during CNY.

Omfg hahahaha. One obvious thing that has changed is definitely how I look.
I used to paste double eyelid tapes because I've always prefer parallel eyelids to my usual tapered ones but I got tired of them so now I'm just living with my natural eyelids lol.
I also preferred larger contact lenses (still do but it does make me look weird sometimes), now I'm using 14.2mm or 14.0mm ones.

I think I grew a TAD bit fatter too, in a good way, I've always wanted to gain a little more weight so people will stop calling me an anorexic freak.
Not that comments affect me so much but more like I really think I need to gain more weight before these dumbasses made any obvious remarks. :D

I do think I've gained a little more weight because my shorts got tighter haha! And my thighs don't look as disgusting anymore. I'm 18, haha, still in the process of growing up, I guess!

I had many awesome chances in 2013 and I think I grew a lot this year, along with my job.

I got signed to Nuffnang this year. Nuffnang's a company I've always wanted to be contracted to if I ever wanted to improve my blogging career because I've heard so much about them and worked with them quite a number of times! Their awards ceremony two years ago was one SPECTACULAR one. :O
Thanks to them, I got introduced to 'earning money with blogging'.
Thanks to them, I grew a lot and learned so much about this job and made lots of new friends!

Earlier this year, they brought me to YouTube Fan fest! As a YouTuber myself, or more like someone who also do videos on YouTube occasionally, I've always wanted to meet these awesome YouTubers who have made it big via the internet!

Also got to see Aerosmith!

Soon after, I got invited by Social Star Awards to walk the red carpet. It's the first time I've ever stepped on a red carpet along with so many huge stars like Jessica Alba, Aerosmith, Ceelo Green, Psy, Carly Rae Jepson and some awesome YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Ryan Higa.
The moment when I stepped out of the car to flashing cameras, reporters and fans (probably not mine HAHAHAHA) but everything was so breathtakingly amusing my heart almost jumped right out of my mouth though I'm not the star of the day hahahaha.

Met really amazing people there!

My Red Carpet get-up.

I've seen quite a lot of celebrities in 2013, I realise.

I got to Sheng shiong show with Rachell and saw HaHa so upclose thanks to my followers!!!! :D
I was soooo lucky because a follower emailed me saying she has got a pair of tickets for me, and a few lovely people brought us to the VIP section so we can get a good view! Thank you~ :')

Thanks to Carlo Rino, I got to watch SNSD's concert as a VIP along with my little sister!!!

Thanks to Innisfree, I got to see the very handsome Lee Min Ho too!!! I've been wanting to see him since he was on BOF!!!

Other than meeting celebrities, I got to attend some interesting events this year too!

One of the brands that I really like, rosebullet.

Made my very first cocktail HAHA!

And many more that I can't really recall hahaha.

Other than events, I got to appear in a movie, Everybody's Business, this year.
It's not a huge part but was really fun to be part of a movie since I've never done anything like it.

I didn't get to go a lot of places overseas this year but I visited Kuantan with my family and climbed enough for a lifetime!!!

My birthday was also a fantastic one thanks to all the sponsors and my awesome manager, Jayne!

The Sultan Hotel provided me with a good place for my little party~
Perkies for catering yummy food!
Olympus for a new camera~

And my favourite people to share my happy times with me.

Love my jiejies, Jay on the Hay and bbylove Rachell ♥ Thank you for the lovely year!

In 2013, I've got a lot of new sponsors too~!
New nails sponsor: The Nail Status
New hair sponsor: CLEO Hair & Make
New skincare sponsor: DRx Clinic

I will put in a lot of effort into improving myself so my favourite people, ALL OF YOU out there supporting me all these while, will not have your effort wasted into loving someone not worthy hahaha.

I am so thankful to have all of you on board with me through this amazing journey.
Thanks to you, I got to try out so many things I never thought I could've tried.
Thank you thank you thank you! :')

Thank you for being here all the time!

I hope all of us will enjoy another LOVELY year!!! ^_^

ALL HAIL 2014!!! ~

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  1. hmmmmmm looks like ur life is quite boring.. could expect what you were gonna post in this entry because the events that you get to attend this year were only those few and why wouldn't you ever want to post about ur school mates ? and if u want to look less like a kid , consider keeping long fringes . cheerios !!

  2. Happy New Year Love <3 You had a great year, i hope 2014 will be much better :)

    Blossoming Wallflower

  3. hi peishi~i saw u in magicshop last wk...v pretty~~~ will u b blogging abt them soon????

  4. Alot of things changed, matured and you still inspire me in a way..

  5. Alot of things changed, matured and you still inspire me in a way..

  6. LOL OMG you only publish and show those comments that are positive HAHAHAHA no wonder ur sch mates dont like u omg ....... publish other ones leh why u dont show people that others say ur life boring ? doesnt mean ppl wont think tt way OHGGOSHH

  7. advice is , because u dont know who are commenting ? some are ur friends ... so even if u dont approve their comments and approved others' instead just becuz people point out the negative parts of ur life ... people are only going to say more and ur life will be even more pathetic in their eyes .... just be brave and publish every comments as a way to respect ur readers . u put something out for us to read , we input something as comments . 2 way thing . dont be a coward . else u wont win other bloggers who bravely publish all comments . gd luck